2012-2013 Science Olympiad Determined to Make it to State

2012-2013 Science Olympiad Determined to Make it to State

Niles West’s Science Olympiad team has just kicked off their season and is ready to go. NWN had a chance to speak with the head coach, science teacher Elizabeth Ramseyer, about the team’s upcoming season plans for a successful year.

NWN: What exactly is Science Olympiad? What do you guys do?

Ramseyer: 23 events in all areas of science and technology. [They] compete in teams of two to three students.

NWN: What are your goals this season?

Ramseyer: Place at the state competition.

NWN: How are you going to accomplish these goals?

Ramseyer: Just as we always do… through dedication and weekly practices.

NWN: What are the strengths/weaknesses of the team?

Ramseyer: We have at least 10 seniors on the team…they are our strength because they are enrolled in AP Chem, AP Physics, AP Bio, AP Environmental, and Anatomy… and a potential weakness. They are graduating, so we will need new students to join!

NWN: How has the team improved since last year?

Ramseyer: Many of our current team members were new last year.  A year of experience really helps in competition!

NWN: Do you think Science Olympiad is going to be a success this year?

Ramseyer: Of course!

NWN: How were your previous years?

Ramseyer: Nationals twice (1999 and 2006), State Champs in 1999, in the top 10 at State every year but fourth in our 20 year history.

Check out Science Olympiad on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in room 3220 and 3230. 

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