• Good-Bye Niles West, It was a Good Time
    8:26 AM

    I never thought writing my last article for the Niles West News would be so difficult. Honestly, I did not even picture this moment, but as I am sitting here, typing away these words in this wordpress for the last and final time, I have to say, this is nothing but bittersweet. As I get

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  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words: National Day of Silence
    3:48 PM

    Niles West will be participating in the National Day of Silence on Friday, Apr. 11 in order to bring attention to, and protest, the anti-LGBTQ harassment and bullying that takes place throughout schools and communities. The Day of Silence is a vow of silence taken by many students throughout the country. Students who participate do

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  • Online Petition for Pravin Varughese
    8:15 AM

    An online petition has been set up in order to help the Varughese family gain further knowledge about Pravin’s death. According to the website, the Varughese family is still very concerned with the death of their beloved family member. His death is still surrounded by mystery. With the help of this petition, they hope to

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  • Deciding Your College Major
    9:25 AM

    As soon as we start school, we don’t think too much about what we want to do with the rest of our lives. And, even though we are only little preschoolers or kindergartners we are indirectly expected to begin figuring out what we would like to do. Since I was little, I have been constantly pestered about

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  • Student Government to Change Gym Makeup Requirement
    9:24 AM

    In order to address some concerns from students and parents, Niles West’s Student Government is attempting to change the requirement for gym make-ups, something that has been a rule for many years if a student has missed a P.E. class period. Up until a year ago, it was required for students to go to the

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  • Romeo and Juliet: Taking Breaking a Leg to a Whole New Level
    9:36 AM

    You may know the classic star crossed love story of Romeo and Juliet, but you definitely don’t know Niles West’s version. In this school production, Romeo and Juliet are taken to a whole new level. Although the original play takes place in an old Verona, this performance is set in a more modern Chicago. Niles

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  • Interracial Couples: Nate Lee and Kayla Camburn
    9:24 AM

    Editor’s Note: This is the second in a five part series about interracial couples to celebrate international week.  Sometimes you come across couples that seem like best friends. Seniors Nate Lee and Kayla Camburn are exactly that. You’ve probably seen them laughing and talking during lunch, hanging out in the hallways, or just walking to

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