• Fine Arts Scholarship Signing Breakfast Held This Morning
    8:19 AM

    Students gathered in the Student Commons on the morning of Thursday, May 18 for the Fine Arts scholarship signing breakfast. This was the first year the event took place. Art teacher Deanna Sortino pioneered the idea. She decided it was time to recognize the students who have spent countless hours on their craft and that earning an art scholarship is

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  • Accolades Ceremony to be Held Thursday
    8:39 AM

    Niles West will be holding its annual Accolades ceremony this Thursday, May 18 in the main auditorium beginning at 7:00 p.m. The ceremony is designed to award students for their particular academic and extracurricular excellence. Students have been selected by various teachers from individual departments to receive prestigious recognition. Student activities director Katie Odell looks forward to

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  • Boys Volleyball To Take On Evanston
    8:15 AM

    The boys volleyball team will take on the Evanston Wildkits this Wednesday, May 17, at Evanston High School. The game is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. The varsity boys hold an overall record of 8-24, and a 1-7 record in conference. After falling short to Evanston in two sets earlier this year, the boys are looking

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  • Student for a Day: Anthony Saldana
    11:38 AM

    “You’ve got a media frenzy out here!” Principal Dr. Jason Ness jokingly remarked to junior Anthony Saldana as the two first met in the bustling hall of the English department. Though Ness’s eyes flicked between the camera and tripods, Saldana didn’t bat an eye. This junior is used to being in the spotlight. While Saldana wondered about how the day would go

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  • New Club Alert: We Dine Together
    9:25 AM

    At Boca Raton Community High in Florida, no student eats alone. The club “We Dine Together” was created by a few students in the hope of ensuring every student will have someone to sit with at lunch. Students circle the cafeteria searching for lonely classmates, followed by subtly approaching them in hope of making a new friend. Following publicity

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  • Christine Kim Wins American Visions Medal
    11:33 AM

    From the pile of books found on junior Christine Kim‘s shelf, one has always stood out in particular. Six-year-old Kim used to spend most of her hot summer days inside, tracing pictures from her favorite Hello Kitty coloring book. Kim’s art did not go far beyond her doodling and sketches until she entered high school, where

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  • Where Are You Going Wednesday: Maeve McCaffrey
    11:37 AM

    There is only one bad thing about birthdays, and that is trying to think of a wish. With family and friends hovering over the cake, paired with the end of the “Happy Birthday” song slowly creeping up on you, making your annual wish can be stressful. Unlike most girls, who often choose between wishing for

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