10th Period (Clubs)

  • Aca-Auditions Held Next Week
    2:53 PM

    Auditions for Niles West’s a cappella groups are rapidly approaching: trebles and basses on Monday, Aug. 17 at 7:00-8:30 PM and altos and sopranos on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 6:00-9:00 PM. Packets can be found on the home page of nileswestchoir.com!
    If you haven’t heard any of the extracurricular groups perform yet, your ears have been

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  • Auto Club: A Team Effort
    8:00 AM

    In school, students become very accustomed to accomplishing tasks on their own. However, while being able to complete an independent project is a great skill, it’s easy to forget how a good team can be faster, smarter, and stronger than an individual. The Niles West Auto Club is a perfect example of a good team,

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  • Robotics Club Shoots for National Competition
    9:35 AM

    While Niles West has many clubs and groups that have placed high in competitions, the Robotics/Engineering club is one of the very few that has potential to make it far within the first year of its creation.
    Spending as much time as they can on their robots before and after school, the Vex teams strive to

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  • Expressions Club: An Outlet for Creation
    9:21 AM

    Every Tuesday the expressions club meet to discuss writing and artwork. It’s a small group of people that share a common interest: Expression through their creations.
    “It’s a place for people with creative ideas to express themselves through art and writing, and be able to share it with everyone in the school,” said senior club member Riya

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  • Art Club Inspires Students to Create
    11:52 AM

    Students from all different art classes at Niles West all come together to create at Art Club, where talented students make all kinds of masterpieces.
    Using the seemingly limitless resources given to them, the artists in this club never fail to amaze. Between ceramics, painting, drawing, and more, Art Club is one of the best ways

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  • Rock and Roll Club: A Classic Experience
    9:26 AM

    Every Wednesday after school you can find a wide variety of students walking their instruments over to Niles West’s Rock and Roll Club. Typically split up between two classrooms, students break themselves up between the acoustic and electric rooms. The acoustic room has a more relaxed vibe as opposed to the hard rock of the the

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  • Good-Bye Niles West, It was a Good Time
    8:26 AM

    I never thought writing my last article for the Niles West News would be so difficult. Honestly, I did not even picture this moment, but as I am sitting here, typing away these words in this wordpress for the last and final time, I have to say, this is nothing but bittersweet. As I get

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