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  • You’ll Love The Revamped “Beauty and The Beast”
    8:50 AM

    We all may know this Disney classic as a “tale as old as time,” but that tale hasn’t stayed so old. Recently, Beauty and the Beast was remade into a live-action motion picture, meaning the audience will be watching real people instead of cartoons. It seems to be slowly happening to all the classic Disney movies,

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  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble Performs at Metro East Band Festival Ahead of Pasta ‘n’ Pops
    11:34 AM

    Niles West’s outstanding music program further distinguished itself earlier this month when the Symphonic Wind Ensemble was awarded the highest rating possible at the Metro East Concert Band Festival. The ensemble, composed of some of West’s top instrumental musicians, performed at the festival hosted by O’Fallon Township High School on Monday, March 6. The festival

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  • Charcoal Masks: Do They Really Work?
    8:18 AM

    If you have any social media, then you’ve seen the DIY charcoal masks everybody has been trying. These masks are shown to get everything out of your pores, whether it’s white heads, black heads, literally anything you could think of. This product seems like it could be pretty deceiving, but we are here today to

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  • Don’t Miss Out On The Movie Everyone’s Talking About: Get Out
    10:30 AM

    Unsettling, challenging, suspenseful…there are roughly another thousand words that can be used to describe Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but among them all, one stands out: risky. Arguably one of the first honest movies to appear on the screen for quite some time, Get Out focuses on an interracial couple and the notion of being an outsider (in this case, being black)

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  • Oscars 2017: Best and Worst Dressed
    8:21 PM

    If you’re anything like me, you can’t wait until award season arrives so you can see all the celebrities on the red carpet. I love seeing all the different trends and fashion choices every nominee, host, and audience member makes. Finding the perfect outfit on a night like this is super challenging; some come out

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  • Skokie’s Hidden Gem: Larsa’s Mediterranean
    10:00 AM

    Larsa’s Mediterranean restaurant is one of the most underrated and delicious places I have ever been to. When most people think of Mediterranean food (myself included), they usually opt to go to Pita Inn, but after trying Larsa’s, my views have completely shifted. The atmosphere was quaint, dim, and modern all at the same time, but not

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  • Hofbräuhaus: More then Just a Meal
    3:32 PM

    Modeled after the historic Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany the Hofbräuhaus located in Rosemont is hard to miss. From the onsite brewery, to the gift shop, to the live band the warm and historic decor welcomes while indulging customers in traditional German cuisine and entertainment.  Upon entering, you are greeted with a very gentle, warm German welcoming

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