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  • Fine Arts Scholarship Signing Breakfast Held This Morning
    8:19 AM

    Students gathered in the Student Commons on the morning of Thursday, May 18 for the Fine Arts scholarship signing breakfast. This was the first year the event took place. Art teacher Deanna Sortino pioneered the idea. She decided it was time to recognize the students who have spent countless hours on their craft and that earning an art scholarship is

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  • Art Awards Breakfast Recognizes Outstanding Students
    9:58 AM

    On the morning of Wednesday, May 17, the Art Awards Breakfast was held in the South Lobby. Students were recognized for their achievements in art in front of their peers and teachers. Students were awarded Scholastic, competition, and art show awards that ranged from the national to local level. Awards were given for artwork that the students

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  • Restaurant Review: Libertad
    8:21 AM

    Driving through Downtown Skokie, you are bound to see the prominent sign that hangs over the restaurant Libertad. The restaurant, squeezed onto Lincoln Avenue, serves dishes that display regional flavors from Latin America. Not only is the outside setting of Libertad small, but the food portions are as well.  The setting of the restaurant was

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  • AP Art Show To Be Held This Friday
    6:04 PM

    On Friday, May 5, art teacher Deanna Sortino and her AP students will hold the annual AP Art Show here at West. The show contains artwork that Sortino’s students have been working on for over two years. The featured art includes mostly digital media, varying from computer designs to photographs. Each student has built their own personalized

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  • Hungry Like the Wolf: Ingredient Substitutions
    8:33 AM

    Do you ever find yourself in the middle of making a delicious recipe, then realize you don’t have that one specific ingredient?Instead of throwing away your whole dish, or having to run to the nearest Walmart, it’s much easier to find a substitute for the ingredient. Although it’s a time and money saver, sometimes it’s better to

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  • “Rent” Dazzles
    11:00 AM

    Rent 2017 ◄ Back Next ► Picture 1 of 13 Photo by Sophia George As soon as I walked through the doors of the auditorium, I was instantly drawn to the posters hanging on the walls. These allowed the audience to be transported to an apartment complex in Manhattan, while also bringing about an awareness on a

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  • Christine Kim Wins American Visions Medal
    11:33 AM

    From the pile of books found on junior Christine Kim‘s shelf, one has always stood out in particular. Six-year-old Kim used to spend most of her hot summer days inside, tracing pictures from her favorite Hello Kitty coloring book. Kim’s art did not go far beyond her doodling and sketches until she entered high school, where

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