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  • Suspicious Person Alert: Update
    2:06 PM

    A statement released by principal, Jason Ness on Oct. 7th stated that the suspicious person alert is no longer a threat to the community.
    The person has been identified and has not committed a criminal act.
    The suspect has strong ties to the community which explains his behavior that day according to Skokie Police Department.
    Ness said, “Nothing is

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  • Suspicious Person Alert
    2:11 PM

    Skokie police notified Niles West, Niles North, and Niles Central  today of a suspicious person alert.
    According to police, a male, white or Middle Eastern, was spotted on Saturday, Oct. 3 at 12:30 p.m. taking pictures of the Iran Hebrew Congregation located in Skokie. The person was confronted by police and stated he had been taking pictures

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  • March of the Homecoming Parade
    8:05 AM

    Tomorrow, October 2nd, the annual Niles West homecoming parade will be making its merry way down Oakton street. Right after the pep assembly, the drums will sound and the fleet of homecoming floats will embark on their celebratory migration at 1:40 PM.
    “It will incorporate this year’s theme of ‘A Magical Night.’  There will also be

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  • 2015 Homecoming Court Announced
    10:24 AM

    The 2015 homecoming court was announced this morning.
    This year’s Princes are seniors Lucas Brace, Joey Guliana, Alan Kotlyar, Sterling Mendez, Ray Nguyen, and John Tatar.
    The Princesses are seniors Mercedes Bajric, Sara Dym, Annie Hoban, Shannon McHugh, Negin Motlagh, and KylaRose Schulman.
    According to homecoming sponsor Kathie Kajmowicz, “We had a tie for the first time for the fifth spot so we decided to

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  • “Find Your Shovel” Assembly to Take Place Tomorrow
    8:37 AM

    Former pre-school teacher turned singer Davey Muise will be presenting “Find Your Shovel,” a presentation about digging yourself out of negativity, Wednesday, Sept. 16 in the auditorium. The school day will run on a double-a.m.-assembly schedule.
    After last year, Niles West made the switch from the NAMES Assembly to “Find Your Shovel” which all grade levels

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  • Birth Control Available at Niles West Health Clinic
    8:36 AM

    Students of any age are now able to go to the Heartland Health Clinic at Niles West and obtain services for reproductive health. These services include STD testing, birth control, and condoms.
    Anyone above the age of 12 under Illinois State Law can consent as an adult because of minor consent laws.
    “We’re not a title ten clinic,

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