• Meet Me in a Minute: Francis Matias
    8:24 AM

    Editor’s note: Matias uses the pronouns “they/them” when referring to themselves.  It’s not difficult to spot junior Francis Matias out and about in the hallways — especially considering they’re almost always wearing their bright, rainbow-striped hat. Although shy at first, given some time, Matias easily becomes the most extravagant and outspoken person in many of their classes.

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  • 8:41 AM

    The sun has long since set, and a feeling of peacefulness has washed over the world. While it may seem as though everything is asleep, a lone light shines out of a window. Inside that room sits senior Daniella Thach, hunched over her dining room table. The outside world provides a sharp contrast between the

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  • Freshman Friday: Ruby Martinez
    8:08 AM

    While many of us don’t find our passions until later in life, freshman Ruby Martinez has held a passion for dancing since birth. Being exposed to dance through her mother at such a young age, Martinez immediately fell in love. Martinez’s first memories of dance go back to when she’d go along with her mother to the Joffrey Ballet Company studio. “I

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  • Baby Mason Ban Unites Students
    1:39 PM

    After senior Miguel Gonzalez kidnapped Baby Mason on  Friday, Sept. 23, his mother, junior Mary Khayel, was scared — and angry. “Mary was walking in the hallways around second and third period and [some seniors] just took [Mason] right out of her hands and shoved him into a locker,” senior Marcus Perez said. Mothers will go to great lengths to protect their children, and

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  • Meet Me in A Minute: Alba Note
    8:19 AM

    When most people think of the track and field season, pole vaulting rarely is one of the first things that comes to mind, but sophomore Alba Note couldn’t disagree more. Initially, Note was unsure about joining the pole vault team due to her fear of getting injured, as well as not knowing whether or not

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  • Nick Ieremciuc: Boy Genius
    10:44 AM

    It often seems like academic activities get overshadowed by sports, but senior Nick Ieremciuc doesn’t let that get in the way of his success. Whether it be because of his rigorous course load or his overwhelming amount of extra curricular activities, Ieremciuc is nothing short of a stellar student. Last year, he won the prestigious ‘Exceptional Genius’

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Milton Guendica
    8:40 AM

    The final school bell rings at 3:23 p.m., and junior Milton Guendica hurries to the Niles West crew, where he spends six days out of the week. It’s rehearsal day in the theatre; the cast is practicing for their roles and the props crew is getting all of the props in position. Guendica walks in as

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