• Study Abroad with CIEE
    9:37 AM

    Many people like to brag about participating in a study-abroad program in college, but few people have the opportunity to study abroad in high school. The CIEE Study Abroad program was created 70 years ago to give high school students the opportunity to do so. However, the Global Navigator Scholarship is only three years old.

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  • Freshman Friday: Christian Mancino
    9:32 AM

    Freshmen are known to be a bit shy when it comes to high school, especially when it requires interacting with upperclassmen. This is often the case when it comes to joining clubs. Luckily, ambitious freshman Christian Mancino shatters this stereotype in a multitude of ways. Mancino is an active member of student government, and was elected the president

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Isabella Saldana
    9:33 AM

    Right before beginning her floor routine, freshman Isabella Saldana takes a deep breath. She peers out into the crowd that consists of her close friends and family, and glances at the stoic, expressionless faces of the judges. Like any freshman, Saldana was anxious coming into high school, but she was also very excited to be a part

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  • The Life-Saving Libero: Bianca Tomuta
    11:47 AM

    It’s the super sectional game against Riverside Brookfield and the score is held at 20-24. The Wolves are down, but are not ready to let go of their season. With the responsibility of holding the back row secure, all the weight rests on senior Bianca Tomuta‘s shoulders. As the super sectional game draws closer to an end, many people are left on

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  • Phillip Duros: Auditioning for America’s Got Talent
    11:01 AM

    Many people may know senior Phillip Duros for his role on the volleyball team, or perhaps as the kid who comes out to every pep assembly and manages to make crazy beats and sounds — with only his mouth. Duros is a skilled and well-known beat boxer at Niles West who is planning to audition for the popular show “America’s

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Merima Mackic
    12:34 PM

    The crowd holds their breath as the runners hold still at the starting line, getting ready to begin running their three mile race. A long whistle blows and a loud gun goes off behind their heads, and they start running. Even though the race has just begun, senior Merima Mackic can be seen leading the pack. Mackic holds the position of captain

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  • Student For a Day: Eleni Balourdos
    8:59 AM

    Dr. Jason Ness laughs loudly in the corner of the German room, a small group of students surrounding him as they scan his phone. Glancing up to look at the projector, Ness and the students see another team across the room is catching up, and they quickly return to their phones, furiously tapping away. Suddenly,

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