• Freshman Friday: Natalia Pehar
    8:36 AM

    While most students don’t even know what they want to do with their lives by junior year, freshman Natalia Pehar has got it all figured out. After first walking through the halls of Niles West, she was already accustomed to how high schooll worked, and she was ecsatic for all that was about to come

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Ms. Nicole Reynolds
    8:38 AM

    Niles West physical education teacher, cross country coach, and softball coach Nicole Reynolds is actually a graduate of Niles North.
    Prior to becoming a full-time teacher here at West, Reynolds worked as a student-teacher at Niles West in the fall, then was a substitute the second semester.
    “The year before I got my job, I was a

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Sra. K
    8:24 AM

    From the frames of pink glasses that reveal her knowing eyes to the vivid colors of her sandals-of-the-day, Señora Karimighovanloo outfits hint at the vibrant person she truly is once you get to know her.
    Growing up between two different cultures was an experience that exposed her to the richness of life on earth as a young child.

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  • David Chis: Why I’m Going to Missionary School
    8:37 AM

    David Chis is not the typical high school senior.  Not only is he super dedicated to his school work, but he is just as dedicated to helping people in need. He likes to do things out of the ordinary if he knows he has the chance of helping someone. With this being said, he has

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Julianna Gil
    8:48 AM

    Meet junior Julianna Gil, artist and athlete. She is a swimmer for the Niles West JV team, and she’s been swimming for Niles West since freshman year. Gil enjoys art, and will be joining the Niles West Art Club. Moreover, Gil also takes art classes outside of school at a studio called Art in the Square

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Mr. Chris Schwarz
    8:21 AM

    Every morning at 8:10 A.M., history teacher Chris Schwarz starts class by joking around with his students. When senior Carly Kenney asked if he knew what color his tie was, after learning he was colorblind, he responded with, “Carly, you are so obnoxious.” He then explained that his wife picked out his ties, and added that she

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  • Freshman Friday: Natalie Guzman
    8:58 AM

    Unlike most new students, freshman Natalie Guzman, was not nervous about coming into high school. She knew her way around Niles West before the school year even started. Guzman had taken summer school and knew plenty of people coming into her freshman year.
    “The only thing I was nervous about coming into high school was people

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