• Meet Me in a Minute: John Lazar
    5:13 PM

    After being benched for the entire basketball season during his junior year, senior John Lazar is now one of the biggest threats to every team’s defense. Nicknamed “Lazer Beam,” Lazar is a star both on and off the court and is the main reason for the Wolves’ incredibly powerful offense this year. Standing at 5’6″ during his

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  • The Miracle Center: Where Dreams Become Reality
    10:53 PM

    Located on the corner of Pulaski and Belden, The Miracle Center (TMC) is home to many Chicago kids who have developed a passion for theatre. There, they live by the motto “where dreams become reality,” believing that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. This is a motto that owner and founder Mary Santana has been

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  • Niles West Introduces “Girls Who Code”
    9:20 AM

    Girls Who Code has recently joined the seemingly endless list of clubs that Niles West has to offer this year. This new club provides girls with the opportunity to come together and get a hands-on experience with computers. Girls Who Code is a place where you can learn how to code and get a feel for what computer

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Shawn Campbell
    9:24 AM

    When you think about what “normal” looks like in high school, you would expect to find a sixteen-year-old boy on the football, basketball, or baseball team. But what about a boy on the football team who also wants to major in fashion? Junior Shawn Campbell is not someone you might call an ‘average high school boy.’ Aside

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Riley Pranian
    9:34 AM

    While watching a production by the theater team at West, one is likely to spot junior Riley Pranian somewhere among the crowd of actors, or maybe even catch a glimpse of her changing the scenery between certain scenes. During a choir performance, Pranian is almost impossible to miss when she stands with a microphone in her hand,

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Isaiah Lopez
    9:31 AM

    You may know him as the beatboxer of the school because of his impressive performances at the pep assemblies. The kid behind the mic generating beats with solely his voice is junior Isaiah Lopez. Lopez’s expertise in beat boxing is no doubt an asset of the a cappela group Echo Effect, which Lopez has he’s a part of since his

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Ritah Nakitende
    9:30 AM

    The 3:23 bell has rung and junior Ritah Nakitende is already well on her way to debate with her eyes fixated on her notes, rehearsing for her next argument.  “I joined debate because my sister was in it. She’s an idol of mine and she encouraged me to join. It’s a lot of fun for me since

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