Fine Arts Friday

  • Fine Arts Friday: Isaiah Lopez
    9:31 AM

    You may know him as the beatboxer of the school because of his impressive performances at the pep assemblies. The kid behind the mic generating beats with solely his voice is junior Isaiah Lopez. Lopez’s expertise in beat boxing is no doubt an asset of the a cappela group Echo Effect, which Lopez has he’s a part of since his

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Milton Guendica
    8:40 AM

    The final school bell rings at 3:23 p.m., and junior Milton Guendica hurries to the Niles West crew, where he spends six days out of the week. It’s rehearsal day in the theatre; the cast is practicing for their roles and the props crew is getting all of the props in position. Guendica walks in as

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Brenden O’Shaughnessy
    8:39 AM

    If you were to walk into the art room here at Niles West, you’d see various work of art. There would be portraits of people, abstract paintings, sculptures, and sketches hanging brightly on the walls. In the corner of the room, your eyes would fall upon a tall, sandy haired boy with his hands drenched

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Kristin Recinto
    8:10 AM

    Junior Kristin Recinto has been passionate about music since she was very young, when her parents started making her go to piano lessons. “I started piano when I was three, so I couldn’t really voice my opinion,” Recinto said. “My parents thought it would be good for me, and I kept going with it.” After

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Caitlyn Beutelspacher
    8:12 AM

    Junior Caitlyn Beutelspacher dances with grace as she prepares for the upcoming Orchesis recital. As the dance team practices, a softball player throws a ball against the wall by the dance studio, startling several of the members. The entire group erupts into laughter, and the bond these dancers share is evident. Beutelspacher first started dance

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Ray Nguyen
    8:06 AM

    During seventh grade, junior Ray Nguyen started dancing, inspired by an uncle. “I started dancing around the seventh grade. I was first inspired by my uncle because he was in a Chicago crew called Brick Headz that specialized in break dancing,” he said. After this, he slowly started becoming interested in other forms of dance.

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Allison Fair
    9:10 AM

    If you were to walk into the cafeteria after school, you would find a group of girls dancing and giving it all they’ve got. Then your eye would land on a particular girl with bright auburn hair. She’s tall, lean, and freckled, dancing with a little more passion than the others. Ever since she was

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