Freshman Friday

  • Freshman Friday: Jack Lochner
    11:30 AM

    Ever since he was five years old, freshman Jack Lochner has loved the game of baseball. This year, Lochner was fortunate enough to be the only freshman on the varsity baseball team. Since he started playing 10 years ago, Lochner has gone above and beyond to improve his skills. Lochner’s entire family has always been

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  • Freshman Friday: Aila Durakovic
    11:27 AM

    Growing up surrounded by soccer lovers, it’s no surprise that freshman Aila Durakovic found her passion for the sport at a young age. With the combination of natural talent and hard work, Durakovic’s soccer skills were quick to impress and led her to making the varsity team. When Durakovic heard her name get called for this year’s varsity

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  • Freshman Friday: Brandon Fong
    9:39 AM

    Growing up in the water, it’s no surprise that freshman Brandon Fong is on the varsity swim team. Because of his dedication and passion for swimming, he was able to overcome the disadvantage of young age and make Niles West’s top team as a freshman. Hard work is the main factor behind Fong’s success in swimming. Fong has been competitively swimming since he

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  • Freshman Friday: Mckenzie Liboy
    1:19 PM

    Gliding across the ice with ease, freshman Mckenzie Liboy is a natural when it comes to ice skating. At the age of five, Liboy discovered a passion for figure skating and hasn’t lost it since then. “I started skating because one day I was watching the older, more higher leveled kids skate, and something just clicked. Right then and

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  • Freshman Friday: Jayla Turchin
    1:35 PM

    With her toes touching the three point line, the leather ball leaves the tips of freshman Jayla Turchin‘s fingers as the crowd holds still. The ball swishes into the net, scoring three points for Niles West, and the crowd is up out of their seats and howling. Turchin has had the privilege of being the only freshman

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  • Freshman Friday: Christian Mancino
    9:32 AM

    Freshmen are known to be a bit shy when it comes to high school, especially when it requires interacting with upperclassmen. This is often the case when it comes to joining clubs. Luckily, ambitious freshman Christian Mancino shatters this stereotype in a multitude of ways. Mancino is an active member of student government, and was elected the president

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  • Freshman Friday: Umar Chaudhry
    8:24 AM

    While most people run straight for the buses once the final bell rings, and others have clubs to attend every now and then, freshman Umar Chaudhry heads straight to the gym every day, changes, and runs miles with the cross country team until 5:00 p.m. Chaudhry first found his passion for running back in sixth

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