Meet Me in a Minute

  • Meet Me in A Minute: Dany Rodriguez
    8:34 AM

    The lights dim and the crowd goes silent. Junior Dany Rodriguez removes her glasses and clears her throat. Her vision is blurred, but her mind is clear. She takes a few deep breathes and then opens her mouth to deliver a poem that could make you feel the same passion for poetry that she does.

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Richie Noparstak
    9:47 AM

    As he runs down the court, sophomore Richie Noparstak thinks about his first time playing in a basketball game and where his passion for the sport started. As a kid, he was always fascinated with the sport and when the opportunity to join a team in middle school presented itself, he took it, and has

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Kenan Ozer
    12:42 PM

    As the bright lights shine down onto sophomore Kenan Ozer‘s flushed face, he is prepared to shake off all the nerves and start off his performance for Echo Effect. Ozer’s interest in singing was sparked when he wanted to partake in the school musical at Edison Elementary School. “I started singing in fourth grade because I wanted

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  • Meet Me in A Minute: Shannon Berg
    9:30 AM

    The buzzer goes off at half time while the the Niles West varisty poms team trades positions with the basketball team as they take the court. Among the perfectly in sync dancers is sophomore Shannon Berg. It’s impossible to notice that Berg has only been dancing since last year. With her natural talent, she made both

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Taral Talati
    11:05 AM

    Silence washes over a courtroom as all eyes look towards the front. Suddenly, an attorney calls up a witness to the stand. With practiced ease, sophomore Taral Talati stands up and takes her position next to the judge. The judge asks that all too familiar question: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and

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  • Meet Me in A Minute: Ashley Dyer
    9:34 AM

    Soccer is more than just a sport for sophomore Ashley Dyer. Playing the sport isn’t the only aspect she enjoys from being on a team, but all the friends and memories she has made make it so much more exciting and memorable. “The one thing I love about soccer so much is being a part of a

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  • “Makeup” in a Minute: Kaitlyn Ralon
    11:56 AM

    Walking in the halls, it’s hard to miss junior Kaitlyn Ralon‘s flawless highlighter and perfect contour. Whether you’re one of her 3,514 Twitter followers, or just a teenage girl looking for a new makeup technique, she is the one to look at for inspiration. “I’ve always been into art, and this is just a different form

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