Meet Me in a Minute

  • Meet Me in a Minute: Audrey Choi
    8:45 AM

    Coming into Niles West, sophomore Audrey Choi didn’t plan on following her sister, alum Nadia Choi‘s foot steps by joining Orchesis and the Poms team. From the beginning, Audrey had loved soccer and played all throughout middle school at Parkview. She had hoped to continue to play in high school, but when it came to it, her mom pushed Audrey

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Leah Nano
    8:30 AM

    Freshman Leah Nano has loved singing since she was five years old, and this hobby has brought her much enjoyment and success. Singing is the one thing that makes Nano feel accomplished and helps her deal with whatever problems she has going on.  “I started singing because I’ve always liked it. I liked Alicia Keys,

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Rita Ismayl
    8:20 AM

    It is never too late to try something new. Freshman Rita Ismayl wasn’t sure if she was going to tryout for cheerleading as an eighth grader, she feared getting cut from the team. She then realized she had nothing to lose so she tried out. Making the eighth grade team was exciting, but not as

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Courtney Rosell
    8:32 AM

    Most students find that they will fall a little behind in school if they miss a couple of days, but imagine how junior Courtney Rosell felt, who missed nearly two months of school. Rosell suffered from Cytomegalovirus, and spending nights in the hospital and days at home really took a toll on her social and academic life.

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Weronika Jozwiak
    9:45 AM

    In America, we are, at times, forced to assimilate into American culture, but many people, including junior Weronika Jozwiak, continue to incorporate their cultural beliefs and rituals into their daily lives. For Jozwiak, her Polish culture is very important to her; their compliance to keep going in the face of adversity is something that she

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Sydryl Denila
    11:03 AM

    How many seniors does it take to parallel park a car? According to senior Sydryl Denila, three: one to shout “TURN THE WHEEL” several times, one unlicensed driver to make sure that the car doesn’t hit anything, and one tired driver that eventually lets the first one park for her. To many others, this may seem

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Sandra Nahhas
    8:39 AM

    Sophomore Sandra Nahhas has been playing basketball ever since second grade, but finding out that she couldn’t play basketball anymore was the most heartbreaking news she had heard. Due to heart conditions, Nahhas can no longer participate in many physical activities. In substitution of playing sports, she has dedicated her time to being a student trainer

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