Meet Me in a Minute

  • Meet Me in a Minute: Francis Matias
    8:24 AM

    Editor’s note: Matias uses the pronouns “they/them” when referring to themselves.  It’s not difficult to spot junior Francis Matias out and about in the hallways — especially considering they’re almost always wearing their bright, rainbow-striped hat. Although shy at first, given some time, Matias easily becomes the most extravagant and outspoken person in many of their classes.

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  • 8:41 AM

    The sun has long since set, and a feeling of peacefulness has washed over the world. While it may seem as though everything is asleep, a lone light shines out of a window. Inside that room sits senior Daniella Thach, hunched over her dining room table. The outside world provides a sharp contrast between the

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  • Meet Me in A Minute: Alba Note
    8:19 AM

    When most people think of the track and field season, pole vaulting rarely is one of the first things that comes to mind, but sophomore Alba Note couldn’t disagree more. Initially, Note was unsure about joining the pole vault team due to her fear of getting injured, as well as not knowing whether or not

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Bobby Lochner
    8:07 AM

    If you’ve gone to any of the football games at Niles West, then you are probably already familiar with senior Bobby Lochner. He’s the kid you see at the bottom of the stands who leads everyone in the football chants. Without him, let’s just say the football games probably wouldn’t be as fun as they are.

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Angel Thomas
    8:27 AM

    Most people are lucky to have one special talent, but sophomore Angel Thomas has two. Whether it’s running for miles on the cross country field or singing her heart out on stage, Thomas is always impressing people.  “Being involved in both cross country and a cappella has been one of the best decisions I’ve made

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Emily Mendieta
    8:37 AM

    Most people focus on the merits of student athletes, cheering for every touchdown, goal, spike, and record broken. Little do they realize that the people behind the scenes are working just as hard in order for the athletes to perform their best. Sophomore Emily Mendieta, a student athletic trainer, knows about this first hand. “It’s a lot

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  • Reintroducing Subbi Namakula
    8:45 AM

    Walking through the hallways at West, it’s not difficult to spot senior Subbi “Charlotte” Namakula strutting down the halls, wearing her usual patterned clothing in an array of bright colors. Along with the vibrant colors, Namakula always has a goofy expression on her face When Namakula was twelve years old, she moved to America from East African

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