Meet Me in a Minute

  • Meet Me in a Minute: Ms. Nicole Reynolds
    8:38 AM

    Niles West physical education teacher, cross country coach, and softball coach Nicole Reynolds is actually a graduate of Niles North.
    Prior to becoming a full-time teacher here at West, Reynolds worked as a student-teacher at Niles West in the fall, then was a substitute the second semester.
    “The year before I got my job, I was a

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Sra. K
    8:24 AM

    From the frames of pink glasses that reveal her knowing eyes to the vivid colors of her sandals-of-the-day, Señora Karimighovanloo outfits hint at the vibrant person she truly is once you get to know her.
    Growing up between two different cultures was an experience that exposed her to the richness of life on earth as a young child.

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Julianna Gil
    8:48 AM

    Meet junior Julianna Gil, artist and athlete. She is a swimmer for the Niles West JV team, and she’s been swimming for Niles West since freshman year. Gil enjoys art, and will be joining the Niles West Art Club. Moreover, Gil also takes art classes outside of school at a studio called Art in the Square

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Mr. Chris Schwarz
    8:21 AM

    Every morning at 8:10 A.M., history teacher Chris Schwarz starts class by joking around with his students. When senior Carly Kenney asked if he knew what color his tie was, after learning he was colorblind, he responded with, “Carly, you are so obnoxious.” He then explained that his wife picked out his ties, and added that she

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Jimbo Pestano
    10:03 AM

    Editor’s note: Pestano uses they/them pronouns to identify themselves.
    Strutting down the hallway, junior Jimbo Pestano‘s shirt proudly declares, “16 years of queer,” something that is true for both the aforementioned queer individual and About Face Theatre in Chicago, a theatre company dedicated to the recognition of and activism for queer rights. Since their first spur-of-the-moment decision

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  • Meet Me In A Minute: Hope Cherian
    8:23 AM

    Aren’t you really happy your parents didn’t put you in learning programs when you were six or seven years old? Yeah, people actually go to those. “People” as in junior Hope Cherian. Before Kindergarten even started, Cherian was sitting down at a desk doing her take home worksheets for Kumon, a tutoring program that specializes

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Julia Nejman
    9:42 AM

    Do you remember being in one of those elementary school musicals? Senior Julia Nejman certainly does. In sixth and seventh grade she participated in the drama club, but it was until the end of her sophomore year of high school when she returned to acting and realized it was what she wanted to do.
    It started when

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