• To Freshmen: Alex Brown
    9:42 AM

    Many students come into high school with an idea in their head of how everything is supposed to be and what is really important. Many students tend to leave high school knowing the reality of it and what is actually important. Senior Alex Brown just happens to be one of those seniors who couldn’t be more

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  • The Adventures of Banana Boy
    9:41 AM

    Cautiously, sophomore James Dume checked for the telltale red of security guard jackets around the south lobby before shrugging and pulling up the hood of his suit, becoming once again the flip side of his split personality: Banana Boy.
    “I’m breaking the rules by wearing my hood,” Dume whispered conspiratorially, eyes still darting across the room as

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  • Jwan Yousif: The Time Traveler
    9:06 AM

    Time is what dictates the condition of human existence. Though difficult to define from both a philosophical and scientific standpoint, quite simply, time rules every aspect of modern civilization: it determines the hour at which you wake, eat, sleep, and fulfill the many obligations to which your life is attached. There is no way of escaping

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  • I See London, I See France, I See Csarene’s Instagram
    9:41 AM

    The beautiful skies of Paris, the Philippines, London, Spain and plenty more have been seen by senior Csarene Laguardia and her mother over the years. Her pictures of her recent travels on Facebook and Instagram are liked by hundreds of students on their phones sitting at home.
    “My mom and I travel to different continents every year because

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  • Christopher Witt and the Underdog of the Instrument World
    9:19 AM

    Around November of last year, sophomore Christopher Witt changed the path of his high school career by saying “I want to play the funny-looking one,” and another musician was added to family of the illustrious underdog of the instrument world– the bassoon.
    Unhappy with the clarinet, Witt wanted to try something new last year and was pleasantly surprised

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  • Harshil Damji: DECA President and Inspiration
    4:44 PM

    Senior Harshil Damji, is this year’s DECA President. Along with holding position of President, Damji is the man behind DECAlicious.
    Becoming President did not come easy for him though. In fact, it took years to achieve where he is now.
    Watch the video to learn about Damji’s amazing journey over the years to becoming DECA President.
    Video by

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  • Joel Tutor: Beyond the Uniform
    8:40 AM

    he entire crowd is quiet as the lights go down and the spotlights come up. The Niles West cheerleaders get into position with solemn expressions outlining their faces. Suddenly, the opening chords of Ellie Goulding’s “Out of My Mind” begin to play and the deafening screams of the crowd can be heard from a mile

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