• David Chis: Why I’m Going to Missionary School
    8:37 AM

    David Chis is not the typical high school senior.  Not only is he super dedicated to his school work, but he is just as dedicated to helping people in need. He likes to do things out of the ordinary if he knows he has the chance of helping someone. With this being said, he has

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  • Bobby Brownlow: The Transformation
    11:20 AM

    Disappearing for the whole summer to a little city called Imperial, Missouri, senior Bobby Brownlow decided it was time for a drastic life change. Brownlow told no one except for his parents that he was leaving for Camp Jump Start, a weight-loss camp.
    “I wasn’t feeling good about myself and decided that I needed to make

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  • Jasminka Jukic: From War to West
    7:27 AM

    Imagine it’s December 1994 and you are forced to escape a deadly war. There is nobody you know in the United States except your boyfriend who lives in Chicago, a city you’ve never been to and have little knowledge of. You have no choice but to leave your family, friends, job, and education behind. This

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  • Atorena Michael: Why Sports Changed My Life
    8:33 AM

    When a journalist is describing a big sports moment in an athlete’s life, they say things like, “she goes up for the jump shot, she shoots, she scores!” or, “the pitcher throws a fast ball, she swings, and there it goes! A homerun!” But in a story like this one, there isn’t only one sport

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  • Meet the New Activities Director: Katie Odell
    8:37 AM

    As the new activities director, Katie Odell is as excited as ever to be back in school, and not as a math teacher. Odell took over Jessica Pritzker‘s position as  Director of Activities. The thing she is most excited about already happened. The building has been empty for months, and she could not wait for the

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  • Michael Gunartt: Stepping Up to the Plate
    2:36 PM

    [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he wind is blowing and the grass has begun to cover the torn-up ground underneath Michael Gunartt’s feet. It’s spring, more specifically baseball season, and it’s the freshman varsity baseball player’s favorite time of the year.
    He looks up at the sky and sheds a tear, then looks back down at his father’s headstone. It reads

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  • Amina Dzananovic: From Essay Contest Winner to Poetry Slammer
    8:32 AM

    9:00 a.m., and sophomore Amina Dzananovic’s day begins with a trip to Fresh Farms with her poetry slam tam to get ready for her long day at one of many competitions. Once the white van drops them off, the team goes one by one to rehearse their original poetry and perform in front of their team. Intense

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