• Nick Ieremciuc: Boy Genius
    10:44 AM

    It often seems like academic activities get overshadowed by sports, but senior Nick Ieremciuc doesn’t let that get in the way of his success. Whether it be because of his rigorous course load or his overwhelming amount of extra curricular activities, Ieremciuc is nothing short of a stellar student. Last year, he won the prestigious ‘Exceptional Genius’

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  • Matt Galanopoulos: The Pursuit of Greatness
    9:37 AM

    Senior Matt Galanopoulos catches the kickoff and starts the game with the ball in his hands. The fans in the bleachers are on their toes, eager to see what Galanopoulos can make of the first play of the game. It’s hard for a season to start off better than Galanopoulos’s did this year. During the home opener against

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  • Reintroducing Subbi Namakula
    8:45 AM

    Walking through the hallways at West, it’s not difficult to spot senior Subbi “Charlotte” Namakula strutting down the halls, wearing her usual patterned clothing in an array of bright colors. Along with the vibrant colors, Namakula always has a goofy expression on her face When Namakula was twelve years old, she moved to America from East African

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  • Vadym Scherba: A Lethal Goon
    10:12 AM

    At 6’3″ sophomore Vadym Scherba towers over all of the other players on the ice.  His size alone is intimidating, but Scherba has more to his game than just being a big body. He is a lethal force to have on your team, with a slap shot that would scare any goalie. Scherba has precision passing,

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  • To Freshmen: Alex Brown
    9:42 AM

    Many students come into high school with an idea in their head of how everything is supposed to be and what is really important. Many students tend to leave high school knowing the reality of it and what is actually important. Senior Alex Brown just happens to be one of those seniors who couldn’t be more

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  • The Adventures of Banana Boy
    9:41 AM

    Cautiously, sophomore James Dume checked for the telltale red of security guard jackets around the south lobby before shrugging and pulling up the hood of his suit, becoming once again the flip side of his split personality: Banana Boy. “I’m breaking the rules by wearing my hood,” Dume whispered conspiratorially, eyes still darting across the room

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  • Jwan Yousif: The Time Traveler
    9:06 AM

    Time is what dictates the condition of human existence. Though difficult to define from both a philosophical and scientific standpoint, quite simply, time rules every aspect of modern civilization: it determines the hour at which you wake, eat, sleep, and fulfill the many obligations to which your life is attached. There is no way of escaping

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