• The Miracle Center: Where Dreams Become Reality
    10:53 PM

    Located on the corner of Pulaski and Belden, The Miracle Center (TMC) is home to many Chicago kids who have developed a passion for theatre. There, they live by the motto “where dreams become reality,” believing that you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to. This is a motto that owner and founder Mary Santana has been

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  • H2O: More Than Just a “Club”
    12:13 PM

    The Christian club here at Niles West, better known as H2O club, is more than just a club to learn about God. It is a community that is formed between people with similar beliefs and customs here at West, but it is more than just club. It is a community for Christians to come together and

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  • The Life-Saving Libero: Bianca Tomuta
    11:47 AM

    It’s the super sectional game against Riverside Brookfield and the score is held at 20-24. The Wolves are down, but are not ready to let go of their season. With the responsibility of holding the back row secure, all the weight rests on senior Bianca Tomuta‘s shoulders. As the super sectional game draws closer to an end, many people are left on

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  • Phillip Duros: Auditioning for America’s Got Talent
    11:01 AM

    Many people may know senior Phillip Duros for his role on the volleyball team, or perhaps as the kid who comes out to every pep assembly and manages to make crazy beats and sounds — with only his mouth. Duros is a skilled and well-known beat boxer at Niles West who is planning to audition for the popular show “America’s

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  • Daniella Thach: From Potato Heads to Portraits
    8:41 AM

    The sun has long since set, and a feeling of peacefulness has washed over the world. While it may seem as though everything is asleep, a lone light shines out of a window. Inside that room sits senior Daniella Thach, hunched over her dining room table. The outside world provides a sharp contrast between the

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  • Nick Ieremciuc: Boy Genius
    10:44 AM

    It often seems like academic activities get overshadowed by sports, but senior Nick Ieremciuc doesn’t let that get in the way of his success. Whether it be because of his rigorous course load or his overwhelming amount of extra curricular activities, Ieremciuc is nothing short of a stellar student. Last year, he won the prestigious ‘Exceptional Genius’

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  • Matt Galanopoulos: The Pursuit of Greatness
    9:37 AM

    Senior Matt Galanopoulos catches the kickoff and starts the game with the ball in his hands. The fans in the bleachers are on their toes, eager to see what Galanopoulos can make of the first play of the game. It’s hard for a season to start off better than Galanopoulos’s did this year. During the home opener against

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