• Update: Students Boycott Organic Life Food for Fourth Day
    11:05 AM

    After three days of boycotting Organic Life cafeteria food, students said they planned to take advantage of today’s late start to pick up food or make lunches for themselves and their friends. Junior Joshua Rubin said he will be bringing lunch and buying food for as long as it takes to make a difference. “I’m

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  • Lunch Boycott Continues as Students Learn of $300,000 Settlement with Organic Life
    10:28 AM

    Due to all the hype from #LunchStrike2013, the NWN  has learned District 219 gave Organic Life $300,000  in August 2012 during a settlement over a contract dispute. According to the Chicago Tribune, Organic Life threatened to file a $650,000 lawsuit, after the school failed to pay for food enhancement and payroll and management fees. District 219’s

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  • Timeline: Organic Life at Niles West
    9:51 AM

    Food is always a hot topic at Niles West. Students complained about cafeteria food before Organic Life came here, and they continue to do so today. Read about the transitions between catering companies and students’ reactions to all the changes.

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  • Follow Up: Organic Life Boycott
    5:39 PM

    After the attempt to boycott the food served by Organic Life yesterday, students said they hope that the catering company has plans to change their service. Student government and student cabinet already announced that they have plans to meet with the company next week. “I plan to discuss the absurd decrease in the serving sizes

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  • Small Portions, Big Prices
    10:00 AM

    Due to the recent news of the #lunchstrike2013, there has been lots of student controversy. Some upperclassmen or Niles West alumni have been calling the participants of the strike “spoiled brats” and “unappreciative kids,” without even knowing the conditions of the school lunch and how its quality has been steadily declining since the beginning of the school

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  • Breaking News: Niles West Students Boycott Organic Life Lunches
    9:21 AM

    In an effort to raise awareness on cafeteria food conditions, students from district 219 plan on boycotting the food served by Organic Life today during lunch periods; however, during third period (the first lunch period,) some students had purchased food from the cafeteria while others brought food from home and other restaurants. A Facebook page

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