• Getting in the Homecoming Spirit
    8:19 AM

    It’s the week we’ve all been anticipating and preparing for: homecoming week! As you all know, it is one of the busiest weeks of the entire school year. There are many things happening this week leading up to homecoming. From spirit days to the pep assembly, and from the homecoming parade to the Friday night football game, there

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  • Niles West Theatre Presents: On Stars Not Falling
    1:13 PM

    Many of you have probably heard about the new play coming out, “On Stars Not Falling,” and the cast has put in quite a lot of effort to make yet another memorable performance. It tells the story of college friends who dropped out of school because of a traumatic experience they shared. When they gather

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  • Freshmen on Freshman Year
    8:41 AM

    Freshman year is usually a rough time in a teenager’s life. The adjustment between middle school and high school can be hard to handle. The class of 2019 does not seem to have these problems, and the majority of the class has accustomed quickly. Looking back on the year, many of the students agreed that

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  • On the Flip Side: Asians in the Media
    8:43 AM

    Listen to the very first episode of the podcast On the Flip Side discussing the representation of Asians in the media with Niles West alumna, working actor, and current student at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles: Sharon Pasia. I am an Asian woman. I also enjoy humor. But the misrepresentation of Asians

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  • Wonder Twins Take On Twin Cities
    8:22 AM

    An original song written by Emily Matteson ft. Lily Matteson   Without seeing both of them together, one might be tempted to think that one girl managed to make several costume and personality changes back and forth to confuse everyone. Don’t be fooled: they’re just identical twins. When meeting them, one is immediately struck by how

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  • NSPA/JEA: Advising the New Generation of Journalists
    4:19 PM

    Over 3,800 attendees have traveled all across the country to take part in this year’s Spring National High School Journalism Conference in Los Angeles, California from Thursday, April 15 to Sunday, April 17. All the students who are in attendance are either a part of their high school’s yearbook or newspaper. Along with this comes a

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