• Rock and Roll Club: A Classic Experience
    9:26 AM

    Every Wednesday after school you can find a wide variety of students walking their instruments over to Niles West’s Rock and Roll Club. Typically split up between two classrooms, students break themselves up between the acoustic and electric rooms. The acoustic room has a more relaxed vibe as opposed to the hard rock of the the

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  • Fine Arts Friday: Merima Mackic
    9:19 AM

    Music is a big aspect in sophomore Merima Mackic’s life and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Mackic began playing the violin when she was in the fourth grade. Back then, she just found it interesting. It wasn’t until junior high, when she began to tackle some difficult pieces, that she discovered how much she

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  • Walter Lindwall: Star Cellist
    8:10 AM

    Music has always been an important aspect in Walter Lindwall‘s life. He grew up listening to his older sister practicing her viola, and just like any other fourth grader attending Lincoln Hall middle school, Walter got pulled into the beginning of his musical orbit. At a young age, you could see that he was a

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  • Adrian Batista receives Illinois Coach of the Year
    8:16 AM

    Boys’ Gymnastics coach Adrian Batista received his 2014 Illinois Coach of the Year last Saturday for his work with his gymnastics team. In a year with Niles West coaches being inducted into the Hall of Fame, it’s only fitting that Batista were to get Coach of the Year. Sports Director Kendall Griffin was very pleased with the recognition

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  • High Hopes: Pieces of Everything Springsteen
    9:13 AM

    Bruce Springsteen’s latest album, “High Hopes,” is his first since his 2012 album “Wrecking Ball.” “High Hopes” has already reached number one on multiple charts.  Here is NWN reviewer Danny Thompson’s take on the album.

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