• VEX Robotics Club to go to Nationals
    9:33 AM

    A group of high school students sitting around programming and building robots may sound like the plot of Weird Science, but for the Niles West Robotics Team it is just a typical afternoon.
    Using VEX Robotics Design System, students get to develop their programming skills by competing with other teams and their robots.
    Junior Michael Leon has found a place

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  • Variety Show To Be Held Friday
    10:27 AM

    This year’s variety show will take place Friday, Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Robert L. Johnson auditorium. All proceeds from the event will go to Dance Marathon’s beneficiary, Chicago Coalition for the homeless.
    Chicago Coalition for the homeless is the only non-profit organization in Illinois that advocates public policies that can end homelessness.
    The proceeds

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  • Clubs Goin’ Up at West: PACE Club
    10:53 AM

    During an average Political Affairs and Current Events Club (PACE) meeting, anywhere from 10 to 20 students are present, and, many times, a guest speaker may be present to explain and educate the students about controversial subjects. Some students are very active and vocal in the political conversations, while others enjoy listening and incorporating new

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  • Lit Center Prepares for Rush Before Finals
    12:03 PM

    As the stress of finals approaches, students head to the Lit Center for help on reviewing older class materials, completing projects, and getting study tips.
    “The Lit Center does get busy during finals time. I think people come in to study and try to get in all the help they can before finals,” Lit Center clerk

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  • Don’t Stress About Finals, Freshmen
    10:20 AM

    With finals right around the corner, anxiety, stress, and nervousness seem to be plaguing the halls of Niles West. For freshmen, especially, the anxiety and stress levels seem to be increasing as Dec. 16-18 approach. Freshmen will be experiencing their first final exams on the dates listed.
    Many freshmen are uncertain and scared of the outcome

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  • Cell Phones in Class: An Aid or a Distraction?
    6:09 PM

    Throughout the hallways and classrooms at Niles West, students are constantly found on their Chromebooks or their phones. During passing periods, the hallways are known to be crowded with students pushing through. But this doesn’t stop many students who, instead of looking forward, are looking down at their phones, sending a message regardless of the

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  • How to Manage Stress Before Finals
    12:52 PM

    With finals only a week away, students are scrambling to finish off first semester as best as they can. With all the late night schoolwork and studying, stress is taking over, making students feel overwhelmed.
    Stress is a largely occurring issue that is continuing to affect students in high school at a high rate. According to a

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