• Freshmen on Freshman Year
    8:41 AM

    Freshman year is usually a rough time in a teenager’s life. The adjustment between middle school and high school can be hard to handle. The class of 2019 does not seem to have these problems, and the majority of the class has accustomed quickly. Looking back on the year, many of the students agreed that

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  • Wonder Twins Take On Twin Cities
    8:22 AM

    An original song written by Emily Matteson ft. Lily Matteson   Without seeing both of them together, one might be tempted to think that one girl managed to make several costume and personality changes back and forth to confuse everyone. Don’t be fooled: they’re just identical twins. When meeting them, one is immediately struck by how

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  • NSPA/JEA: Advising the New Generation of Journalists
    4:19 PM

    Over 3,800 attendees have traveled all across the country to take part in this year’s Spring National High School Journalism Conference in Los Angeles, California from Thursday, April 15 to Sunday, April 17. All the students who are in attendance are either a part of their high school’s yearbook or newspaper. Along with this comes a

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  • Niles West Supports The National Day of Silence
    9:09 AM

    National Day of Silence is organized to make a stand for LGBTQ youth who are subjected to name-calling and other forms of harassment. Today is a day for people to stand in solidarity. Students at Niles West are participating in this day to show the community at our own school how much they care for one

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  • Niles West Holds Annual College Night
    8:02 AM

    Niles West’s main gym, cafeteria, and hallways were swarming with eager Niles West and Niles North students last night for the annual college night. Over 230 colleges set up their stands to inform the frantic students about why or how their college would be the best fit for them. From 6:30- 8:30 pm, all grade

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  • The Truth About Feminisim
    5:11 PM

    At the start of the school year, juniors Rida Yousuf and Lejla Vojnikovic formed the Niles West Feminism Club, dedicating to bringing awareness to and educating members on inter-sectional feminism. As the year is drawing to a close, Yousuf and Vojnikovic are grateful they could aid other students in their own evolution of feminist thinking.

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  • West Reacts to the 2016 Presidential Election
    8:29 AM

    The Niles West News had a chance to interview two students who are very passionate about this upcoming election. The first student that was interviewed was senior Gillian Deleon, who is a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter. The second student that was interviewed was junior Nathan Dohotariu, who is a Donald Trump supporter. They both had the chance

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