• Heartland Health Center Opens to Offer All Students Healthcare
    8:38 AM

    Heartland Health Center opened its doors at Niles West July 13 for the kick off of the 2015-2016 school year. Located at what was once the nurse’s office, the new Health Center offers services to students regardless of the family’s ability to pay.
    Heartland offers school and sports physical exams, immunizations, evaluation and treatment of injuries

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  • Digital Photography Inspires Students
    10:40 AM

    Walking into a dimly lit classroom lined with Mac computers, posters of digital art on the wall, and students fixed to their screens working, there is no doubt that the class is occupied with digital photography assignments. Passing by each student’s screen, there is always something different and unique. An extra splash of color marks

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  • Intro to Engineering Brings School to Life
    10:24 AM

    If you are curious what it’s like to bring life into something, engineering may be the route to take. Imagine making a robot walk for a whole 10 minutes, or making a small plane or train. These activities and more are part of the engineering classes at Niles West.
    Engineering students range from freshmen to seniors.

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  • VPE vs. Strength and Conditioning: An Inside Look
    8:27 AM

    Strength and conditioning and varsity P.E. both help students to stay healthy and fit when student athletes are out of season. On a daily basis both classes do their set workouts for the day. Some say the classes are basically the same; others say that they are different. Strength and conditioning is for people who

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  • Journalism Conventions: Why the Experiences Outweigh the Cost
    3:41 PM

    The Spring National High School Journalism Convention is being held in Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel from Thursday, Apr. 16 to Sunday, Apr. 19 for student journalists across America.
    These students come from a variety of different schools, whether they are private, public, small, or large. The majority of the students in attendance

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  • Andy Gonzalez: A Passion for Fashion
    8:11 AM

    Junior Andy Gonzalez has been involved in fashion and singing since he was very young. His love of fashion started many years ago, when he was in elementary school.
    “I always knew I had an interest but I knew I loved it when I went on and watched their fashion show archives. After that I

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  • Video: Curriculum and Activities Night
    10:26 AM

    Eighth graders that are on their way to becoming Niles West freshmen had the opportunity to experience the high school environment for the first time at last night’s annual curriculum and activities night. The incoming students and their families were all given a student-led tour of the school and its facilities. In addition, the field

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