• Student Registration Beginning Next Week
    9:07 AM

    Next week marks the beginning of student registration for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year. During these registration days, each student will be assigned a certain time to meet with their counselor to select their classes for the following year. To make this process easier, many guidance counselors, including Benjamin Grais, recommend that students should come to

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  • Junior College/Career Drop-in Day to be Held Friday
    9:20 AM

    As a way to help juniors prepare for their future, the College and Career Resource Center will be hosting a drop-in day, where juniors can go to the Resource Center and gain information on their senior year and post-high school plans on Friday, Jan. 13. According to College/Career counselor Daniel Gin, it’s also an opportunity

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  • Obama Delivers Customary Farewell Address in Chicago
    8:52 PM

    Outgoing President Barack Obama delivered his farewell address Tuesday night to an eager crowd in his home city of Chicago. Following early cheers of “Four more years!” from the crowd, Obama reminisced on the successes of his presidency and highlighted his hopes for the future and all that must still be accomplished. Listing what he interprets

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  • Three Niles West Debaters Named J. W. Patterson Fellows
    2:03 PM

    Three Niles West debaters, Nathan Glancy, Nasim Salehitezangi, and Elizabeth Bennet, have been named to the University of Michigan’s summer fellowship program for the summer of 2017. The prestigious J. W. Patterson Foundation fellowship, which is awarded to only twelve high school juniors each year, is a seven week debate program that takes place each summer

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  • Director’s Studio: A Festival of Plays
    9:36 AM

    Director’s Studio is a class first and an event later. Theater teacher and director Andrew “Andy” Sinclair offers this class after taking the Theater Workshop and Acting courses. The goal of the class is to learn the key components that go into directing a play as well as musicals. The cool part about this class

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  • Earn Service Hours Wrapping Gifts for Expanding Lives
    9:09 AM

    The local organization Expanding Lives has organized multiple opportunities throughout December for students to volunteer as a gift wrappers at area malls. The proceeds will go to the organization, which is dedicated to providing leadership opportunities to West African girls. Expanding Lives has been beneficial to a multitude of underprivileged young women hailing from West Africa;

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  • Choir and Orchestra Team Up for Holiday Concert
    11:57 AM

    It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for, hot chocolate, cold days, ice-skating with friends, and our all time favorite event of the holiday season — the Annual Holiday Concert. The holiday concert is a combination of both the choir and the orchestra of Niles West. The different levels of these two programs will be

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