Election 2012

  • Tea Party: You Dun Goofed
    9:44 AM

    I never thought I would be saying thank you to the Tea Party, but in the days after the 2012 election it’s become clear that that is exactly what liberals everywhere should be doing. Flashback to this time last year.  The Republican party had picked up the House of Representatives the year before and looked

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  • Respect: It Applies to Politics Too
    12:56 AM

    There I was, just casually scrolling down my Twitter feed, when I came across the following tweet: “Democrat stereotypes don’t apply half the time while republican stereotypes always apply.” What? So every Republican is an old, rich, white guy? I agree with the first part of the statement, but I don’t think stereotypes apply half

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  • Being Republican: My Take on the 2012 Elections
    10:33 AM

    On Tuesday, Nov. 6 at around 10:15 CST, CBS projected that Barack Obama would become a two-term president.  As for me, I made the same projection around a month ago. The subdued feelings were just as strong as the millions of people across the country who thought Mitt Romney would be the next president of

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  • A Democratic Perspective: Obama’s Re-election
    10:29 AM

    President Barack Obama has been elected to two terms by the electoral college. Obama was able to capture 303 electoral votes by winning key battle ground states such as Ohio, Florida, and Virginia.  Romney was only able to get 206 votes. Going into the election, I was confident of Obama’s victory and in Nate Silver’s

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  • UPDATED: Obama Wins; West Reacts
    11:45 PM

    The 44th president, Barack Obama,  was re-elected for four more years when he beat Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election tonight, Tuesday, Nov. 6. The electoral votes are still being tallied, but Obama secured at least 274 votes to win, according to CNN. Many Niles West faculty and students said that they

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  • Election 2012: It’s Not Too Late to Care
    10:16 AM

    Today, Nov. 6 2012, America will be electing a leader for the next four years.  I miss the deadline for voting by six months.  I have a couple classmates who will be able to vote this election, those lucky few who had a birthday already this year, but most of us have come up short–which

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  • Election Day 2012: Legal Seniors Eager to Vote
    9:15 AM

    It’s finally here: Election day 2012. Although most of the Niles West student body can’t vote (but you can take the NWN poll), some seniors have already turned 18 and will legally voice their opinions through the ballot. Legal seniors said that they are happy and eager to vote.

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