• 10:30 AM

    Starting next school year, grade-weight-two math courses will not exist for the incoming freshmen due to the School Board’s initiative to prepare students for education beyond high school. In attempts  to give lower-level students a better chance of getting into a college of choice, grade-weight-two freshman math students will be placed in grade-weight-three math courses, and it

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  • 10:11 AM

    On Friday, February 28, Niles West will be hosting Journey: an event based off of the Respect Summit (hosted two years ago at Niles West) that will provide classes for students to learn about a variety of hobbies and issues.

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  • 3:11 PM

    “One of the main goals of Coming Together in Skokie is to introduce people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to the featured culture, and the committee is working hard to encourage everyone in Niles Township to take part in one or more of the events. We hope that the initiative has the effect of helping people learn more about the literature and culture of some of their neighbors in our very diverse community,” said District 219’s Community Relations Director, Jim Szczepaniak.

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  • 12:38 PM

    The Electives Fair is scheduled to be held tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 25, in the student commons during lunch periods to promote and advertise elective courses. Tables will be set up with students and teachers handing out fliers and forms (and often candy) to attract students to join their classes. Representatives from the following classes are scheduled to be

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  • 10:21 AM

    At the board meeting on Monday, Jan. 10, the Niles Township school board unanimously passed a restructuring plan, which would affect physical welfare classes as well as certain courses in the applied sciences and technology department. The board, as it has done for the last three years, plans to cut teaching positions as well as

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  • 1:18 PM

    On Thursday, Jan. 20 from 6-9 pm in the cafeteria, Niles West is scheduled to host the Pizza Wars: a competition to find the best pizza within the Niles Township. This event will feature pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, Domino’s, Eduardo’s, Graziano’s, Gulliver’s, Lou Malnati’s, Nancy’s, Pequod’s, Sarpino’s, and Village Inn. Tickets are $10 each

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  • 4:14 PM

    On Monday, Jan. 11, more than 100 seniors came to school with a controversial T-shirt that read, ” SENIORS HE11 YEAH NILES WEST HIGH 2K11,” in an attempt to display their school spirit. Students were required to cover or change their shirts, which they had bought for $7 each, because they we deemed as “inappropriate”

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