• A Must-Try: Fat Boys Jerk and Soul Food
    11:01 AM

    Fat Boys Jerk and Soul Food really knows how to serve it. As I walked into the restaurant, I was instantly overcome with the smell and chatter of hungry customers waiting for their food. It might seem annoying to wait in line in such a small restaurant, but the food is definitely worth the long wait

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  • Perfect For A Snack, Not A Meal: Wow Bao
    9:33 AM

    On the corner of Clark and Diversey, it’s hard to miss the bright red, quaint nook of Wow Bao, a delightful bistro blend of Asian cuisines. Upon entering, there is a rush of fragrance that immediately enters your body, filling you with a contrasting warmth compared the cold weather outside. With the menu posted on a

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  • Psistaria: The Local Greek Restaurant You Have To Try
    9:31 AM

    “Opa!,” the waiter yells as he sprays lemon over the cheese appetizer. A huge flame emerges in front of the eyes of the customers. “Opa!,” the restaurant responds back. Psistaria, the name many can’t pronounce, is a popular and authentic Greek restaurant located at 4711 West Touhy Avenue in Lincolnwood. This delicious Greek appetizer called, “saganaki”

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  • La La Land: A Musical For Everyone
    10:06 AM

    Set in the city of hopes and dreams, heartbreak and disappointment, we find ourselves in Los Angeles, Southern California, grasping on to the burning sun’s rays in the midst of still traffic is Damien Chazelle’s La La Land. We meet Mia (Emma Stone), a struggling actress with nothing more than a heart full of passion

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  • I Scream for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
    9:30 AM

    With the line often leading out the door and a couple buildings away, it’s hard to miss Jeni’s in Wicker Park. Even though it may seem frustrating to wait in a long line for some ice cream, it’s most definitely worth the wait. Even though the line looks unbearable, my experience started from outside the

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  • Split: Entertaining and Informative
    12:57 PM

    “He’s done awful things to people like you and he’ll do awful things to you…the beast.” In the movie “Split,” James McAvoy plays the part of one of the leading actors, Kevin Crumb, who suffers from identity disorder. Crumb has been dealing with identity disorder for years, revealing to his psychiatrist – Dr. Fletche – that he has 23

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  • Worth The Spotlight: “Hidden Figures”
    10:42 AM

    After the “Remember The Titans” release in 2000, it seemed that’s all Hollywood wanted to give us: American sports drama films about the discrimination and beginnings of integration in the the 1960’s. The lesser known “Glory Road” (2006) and the awful “We Are Marshall” (2006) didn’t incite the same positive audience response. Now, period-dramas like

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