• Restaurant Review: Libertad
    8:21 AM

    Driving through Downtown Skokie, you are bound to see the prominent sign that hangs over the restaurant Libertad. The restaurant, squeezed onto Lincoln Avenue, serves dishes that display regional flavors from Latin America. Not only is the outside setting of Libertad small, but the food portions are as well.  The setting of the restaurant was

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  • Restaurant Review: TBK Grill
    8:41 AM

    TBK Grill is a new restaurant on Skokie Blv and Howard. The chain opened first in 1992 in Chicago and has came a long way since their “little stand on Harlem and Beltmont.” TBK Grill was opened to serve Mexican food made from all fresh ingredients while being cooked with the at home tradition. They’re open

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  • West Students and Staff React to Controversy Over Thirteen Reasons Why
    8:44 AM

    Throughout high school, bullying can be a very real problem. Whether you have seen it, partaken in it, or been a victim yourself, it happens all the time. More often than not, high school can be hard at some point for everyone, and the littlest thing can push someone to the edge. The National Day of Silence, which

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  • You’ll Love The Revamped “Beauty and The Beast”
    8:50 AM

    We all may know this Disney classic as a “tale as old as time,” but that tale hasn’t stayed so old. Recently, Beauty and the Beast was remade into a live-action motion picture, meaning the audience will be watching real people instead of cartoons. It seems to be slowly happening to all the classic Disney movies,

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  • Charcoal Masks: Do They Really Work?
    8:18 AM

    If you have any social media, then you’ve seen the DIY charcoal masks everybody has been trying. These masks are shown to get everything out of your pores, whether it’s white heads, black heads, literally anything you could think of. This product seems like it could be pretty deceiving, but we are here today to

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  • Don’t Miss Out On The Movie Everyone’s Talking About: Get Out
    10:30 AM

    Unsettling, challenging, suspenseful…there are roughly another thousand words that can be used to describe Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but among them all, one stands out: risky. Arguably one of the first honest movies to appear on the screen for quite some time, Get Out focuses on an interracial couple and the notion of being an outsider (in this case, being black)

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  • El Fuego: Two Worlds Colliding
    9:36 AM

    El Fuego is a family-owned restaurant Mexican restaurant that opened in downtown Skokie less than a year ago, taking the place of a small Italian restaurant that closed. Owner Tom Frangos opened El Fuego after having owned restaurants in Mexico in the past, as well as a few in the United States. This restaurant is a welcome addition to the

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