• The Legend Behind Blair Witch
    2:06 PM

    The Blair Witch is a movie based on a known legend in the town of Burkittsville, Maryland. It follows the story of three friends and two locals, who take a trip into the Black Hills forest in Maryland. One of the characters, James (James Allen McCune) believes his sister’s disappearance many years ago had something

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  • Reign: “Gossip Girl” of the Medieval Era
    10:48 AM

    We all had those moments where we have just finished a show and feel empty inside, as if we have lost a piece ourselves. After we’ve finished our ‘favorite show,’ we enter the grieving stage and can not get over the amount of time and dedication we put into the show we watched. The emotional

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  • 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Grey’s Anatomy
    8:40 AM

    It’s that time of year again! In case you haven’t heard (how could you not?), the 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy is premiering this Thursday. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this episode since May 19, aka the day the last episode of season 12 aired. In honor of 13 great seasons, I’ve compiled a list of the

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  • Homecoming 2016 Vs. Magnificent Coloring Day
    11:37 AM

    Many students at Niles West have been, and may even still be, conflicted with where to be this Saturday, Sept. 24, since Homecoming 2016 will take place the same day as the concert Magnificent Coloring Day, held by Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper. It features many big-time artists such as Skrillex, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and Lil

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  • “Blond” or “Boys Don’t Cry” — Does it matter?
    11:26 AM

    After a four-year wait, Blond is here, and has been all the buzz. After the release of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean teased his fans with hints of a new album coming their way. With only 17 songs and one single, Nikes, Ocean doesn’t play his music for the radio. With Ocean dodging the press, and also deleting his

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  • New Addition to Downtown Skokie: Euro Echo Cafe
    8:18 AM

    While driving through downtown Skokie — Lincoln Ave. to be exact — you may have noticed a new, mint green sign that reads “Euro Echo Cafe.” This new, vintage, European-style cafe has been up and running for about three months now, and is very different from your average American-style cafe. The owners are both from European backgrounds, so they thought

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  • Is The Line At Jollibee’s Really Worth It?
    8:18 AM

    Jollibee’s is a famous Filipino fast food chain restaurant that has recently opened in Skokie — the only one in the Midwest. A wait time of 45 minutes would lead many to believe the food was worth it. In this case, I have to say that Jollibee’s tastes exactly like Kentucky Fried Chicken. To me, there was no difference besides the name on the

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