• What You Need to Know About “4 Your Eyez Only”
    9:51 AM

    Okay everyone, it’s the moment many of us have been waiting for — J. Cole has finally dropped his fourth official album! After exactly two years since dropping 2014 Forest Hills Drive — which was the first album to go double platinum with no features in 25 years — J. Cole broke his silence when he gave his fans a little

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  • Homecoming 2016 Vs. Magnificent Coloring Day
    11:37 AM

    Many students at Niles West have been, and may even still be, conflicted with where to be this Saturday, Sept. 24, since Homecoming 2016 will take place the same day as the concert Magnificent Coloring Day, held by Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper. It features many big-time artists such as Skrillex, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and Lil

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  • “Blond” or “Boys Don’t Cry” — Does it matter?
    11:26 AM

    After a four-year wait, Blond is here, and has been all the buzz. After the release of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean teased his fans with hints of a new album coming their way. With only 17 songs and one single, Nikes, Ocean doesn’t play his music for the radio. With Ocean dodging the press, and also deleting his

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  • Sing Strong Preview
    10:11 AM

    Sing Strong is a weekend long A Capella music festival where groups from around the world perform. It is scheduled to take place at Niles West on March 11, 12, and 13.  The festival is not only singing, but there are many classes you can take as well. All the classes and performances all take place

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  • Three Reasons to Listen to Hamilton the Musical
    9:11 AM

    Chances are, you’ve probably already heard about this. “Hamilton the Musical” is all the rage as of late, stirring conversation in the humanities department and playing in the cars of the most unlikely fans; but all this time, no one has given you a reason to listen to it. With no further ado, I present

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  • Taylor Swift 1989: Hit and Miss
    8:27 AM

    On October 27th 2014, 1989 was released. No, not the literal year, Taylor Swift’s new album. Taylor has recently made a really big comeback with some of the songs in this album, but a few songs were a hit and miss. Two songs managed to hit number one in the charts, Shake It Off then

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  • What to Expect at Upcoming LIGHTS Concert
    8:34 AM

    I first listened to LIGHTS during my freshman year. A friend of mine was gushing about her music and talking about how wonderful she was. She forced me to listen to a few songs, but I was unimpressed. I mainly listened to post-hardcore and pop punk, and I bashed electronic music whenever I got the

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