• Restaurant Review: TBK Grill
    8:41 AM

    TBK Grill is a new restaurant on Skokie Blv and Howard. The chain opened first in 1992 in Chicago and has came a long way since their “little stand on Harlem and Beltmont.” TBK Grill was opened to serve Mexican food made from all fresh ingredients while being cooked with the at home tradition. They’re open

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  • Skokie’s Hidden Gem: Larsa’s Mediterranean
    10:00 AM

    Larsa’s Mediterranean restaurant is one of the most underrated and delicious places I have ever been to. When most people think of Mediterranean food (myself included), they usually opt to go to Pita Inn, but after trying Larsa’s, my views have completely shifted. The atmosphere was quaint, dim, and modern all at the same time, but not

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  • Kiko’s: A Taste of Bosnia
    9:25 AM

    Hidden in a corner downtown on the 5700 block, Kiko’s Restauraunt is a diamond in the rough. They have everything from cevapi (little sausage links) straight from the grill to palacinke (sweet crepes) for dessert. This restaurant puts a nice modern twist on traditional Bosnian dishes. Along with the amazing food, there is never a

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  • Hofbräuhaus: More then Just a Meal
    3:32 PM

    Modeled after the historic Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany the Hofbräuhaus located in Rosemont is hard to miss. From the onsite brewery, to the gift shop, to the live band the warm and historic decor welcomes while indulging customers in traditional German cuisine and entertainment.  Upon entering, you are greeted with a very gentle, warm German welcoming

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  • A Must-Try: Fat Boys Jerk and Soul Food
    11:01 AM

    Fat Boys Jerk and Soul Food really knows how to serve it. As I walked into the restaurant, I was instantly overcome with the smell and chatter of hungry customers waiting for their food. It might seem annoying to wait in line at such a small restaurant, but the food is definitely worth the long wait

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  • Perfect For A Snack, Not A Meal: Wow Bao
    9:33 AM

    On the corner of Clark and Diversey, it’s hard to miss the bright red, quaint nook of Wow Bao, a delightful bistro blend of Asian cuisines. Upon entering, there is a rush of fragrance that immediately enters your body, filling you with a contrasting warmth compared the cold weather outside. With the menu posted on a

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  • Psistaria: The Local Greek Restaurant You Have To Try
    9:31 AM

    “Opa!,” the waiter yells as he sprays lemon over the cheese appetizer. A huge flame emerges in front of the eyes of the customers. “Opa!,” the restaurant responds back. Psistaria, the name many can’t pronounce, is a popular and authentic Greek restaurant located at 4711 West Touhy Avenue in Lincolnwood. This delicious Greek appetizer called, “saganaki”

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