• The Dream of the ’90s is Alive at Kafein Coffee
    9:25 AM

    Think about your most recent visit to a coffee shop. Your interaction with the barista might have lasted as long as 8 seconds (give or take a few nanoseconds), and you probably don’t even remember what they look like. In this instant day and age, consumers are used to the busy anonymity of a quick transaction, but

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  • Meatheads Fills Hearts and Stomachs
    9:49 AM

    On the corner of Lincoln and Crawford street in Lincolnwood, you might catch sight of an intriguing building: all dark, warm right angles and separated sections of honest, inviting glass. With its unique outward appearance, Meatheads sets itself apart from other fast-casual restaurants right off the bat, foreshadowing a distinction that can be found anywhere from its

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  • Imagine Dragons Night Visions Tour is a Night to Remember
    8:05 AM

    Two years ago, Imagine Dragons was playing in Chicago as an opening act at Riot Fest in front of a crowd of 150 people. Last Thursday, the group was performing in front of a sold out crowd at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont. If that doesn’t scream success, I’m not sure what else does. When

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  • Biggies: The New Look of Charhouse Grill
    9:19 AM

    Biggies is everything a Chicago style fast food joint should be: tasty, satisfying, and inexpensive. With friendly, personal service, and a clean environment, my only real complaint is that it isn’t open later. For anyone who ever ate at Charhouse, you’ve already eaten at Biggies. The restaurant is essentially the same as Charhouse, with a

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  • Exclusive Preview: Tears for Fear City
    8:26 AM

    As you walk into Fear City, you are immediately struck by the pulsating music and terrifying actors moving all around you. As you get in line, a sort of nervously excited energy starts to build in your stomach as you move towards the front. Next thing you know, you’ve been ushered inside a small chapel.

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  • Fun, Fresh, Forever Yogurt!
    8:30 AM

    The long-awaited “Forever Yogurt” frozen-yogurt shop has arrived! Located at 5687 W. Touhy Ave. in Village Crossing, the shop’s “Coming Soon” posters have been hung up since last summer, so I was excited to see people bustling in and out, carrying pink cups of self-serve frozen yogurt. As a yogurt lover, I had to give the

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  • 2013 Auto Show
    9:40 AM

    There’s something about putting thousands of cars into one building all at the same time that I find cool. Many museums, auto dealers, and even parking garages can’t come close to the number of shiny new cars at one location. The Chicago Auto Show does this. Known as the largest auto show in North America,

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