• Netflix Programs That Are Actually Worth Your Time
    10:09 AM

    Eighty percent of the time you spend on Netflix is spent trying to find something to watch. Rom-coms get repetitive, and no matter how many times you start Pretty Little Liars, you just can’t get into it. With so many options, it can be hard to know where to start. For your convenience, we have

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  • ‘Red Band Society': This Fall’s Must-Watch Show on FOX
    8:34 AM

    “Luck isn’t about getting what you want. It’s about surviving what you don’t want.”
    FOX’s newest television show, “Red Band Society,” premiered Wednesday, Sept. 17 and immediately became one of my must-watch shows this fall.
    This isn’t a typical teen drama. This is a well-written, heart-rendering, thought-provoking original drama with a unique setting. One minute a character

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  • Weekend Update: Goodbye, Seth Meyers. Hello, Colin Jost
    9:35 AM

    For 12 and a half years Seth Meyers blessed Saturday Night Live’s weekend update desk, playing straight man to many of his hilariously inept guests such as “Drunk Uncle” played by Bobby Moynihan and city correspondent “Stefon” played by Bill Hader. So, when he left SNL at the end of February to live out his

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  • The Oscars: a Recap
    10:45 AM

    Everyone can agree that movies impact our lives. They inspire us, teach us, and motivate us. We admire the actors and actresses, and cheer for their successes. The Oscars are just another reminder of the talent these individuals have and will be remembered for forever. Eighty Six years of acting, directing, art, and pure talent

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  • Grey’s Anatomy: More Than a Medical Drama
    9:38 AM

    Last night was the spring premiere of the hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.
    The words “medical drama” may make you roll your eyes, but I can promise you that Grey’s is so much more than just that, and this episode proved it.
    After putting her fans through emotional trauma countless times, creator Shonda Rhimes finally gave audiences a few

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  • Opening of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi
    9:22 AM

    The walk in of the teams was met with great applause as Germany took a stand by wearing rainbow outfits. Greece followed suit as they sported rainbow gloves supporting the LGBTQ community. Looks like America just got stuck with the winning outfits for ugliest sweater contest. The country Andora wore sweaters but the design looked

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  • Recap:The 2014 Grammys
    12:57 PM

    It’s “music’s biggest night.” Artists from all across America look forward and depend on this one night. Being nominated is an honor but winning is an even bigger thrill. This year the 65th annual Grammy awards were highly broadcasted and fans raved about it all over social media. It was unforgettable and certainly not disappointing.

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