• Tricia Pabst: The Basketball Legacy
    11:47 AM

    It’s 3:45 and Tricia Pabst is beginning to warm up for her daily basketball practice. She runs around the gym shooting lay-ups, jump shots, and free throws. Just like her Mom did many years ago. Same school and the exact same gym.
    Sophomore Tricia Pabst always knew sports were her thing. She continues to play for

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  • Super Bowl 50: Denver Broncos Victorious
    9:33 AM

    The 2015-2016 NFL season has officially come to a close. The Denver Broncos are your Super Bowl 50 champions as they defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10.
    We knew this game had two incredible defenses, but not many people expected this much of a defensive game. The entire game, from start to finish, was full of sloppy

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  • Super Bowl 50 Preview: Old School vs New School
    9:32 AM

    The moment we have all been waiting for. Super Bowl 50. The stage is set. The Denver Broncos vs. the Carolina Panthers. Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton.
    All of America will be tuned into what could be Peyton Manning’s final NFL game. What Manning has accomplished in his career is nothing short of amazing. He will

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  • Boys Varsity Swimming Update
    12:19 PM

    As the regular is coming to a halt for the swim team, it’s time for the swimmers to get ready for conference play. As of right now, the varsity swim team sits with a record of 4-5, competing in one of the hardest conferences in the State.
    Swimmers have been putting in lots of work

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  • Evan Hines: Reaching New Heights
    9:22 AM

    It’s near the end of the 2016 boys varsity basketball season, and a lot of weight is on senior Evan Hines shoulders. Hines has been playing at the varsity level since the beginning of his sophomore year, previous captain of the boys team, Hines has a lot to prove to his fellow teammates this postseason.
    Practicing and

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  • Boy’s Varsity Basketball Update
    9:23 AM

    As the Boy’s Varsity Basketball season comes to a close, they have been fortunate enough to have had this year filled with growth and being able to rise to challenges.
    With their record currently 9-11, this young varsity team has taken day by day practices to heart with only four games left in the normal season.

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  • Niles West Wrestling Team Update: Working Hard
    10:31 AM

    The first half of the season for the Niles West Wolves Wrestling team has been tough to say the least. From lack of depth and commitment to members not showing up and quitting the team.
    The lack of commitment from some of the members has lead to some disappointing results, including forfeiting 4-9 weights.
    “We had to

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