• Niles West’s Varsity Football: The End of an Era
    8:37 AM

    As the Niles West Varsity football team finishes up their season, they’re scheduled to take on the New Trier Trevians this Friday for West’s senior night. This game is instrumental in earning the Wolves consideration for the playoffs. The Trevians are currently undefeated in conference, and have a record of 4-0. Niles West is now 1-3. Senior and middle

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  • Alen Radeljic: How an Injury Potentially Ended His Career
    8:09 AM

    With lights glinting off the sweat dripping down his face, and the fans cheering all around, senior Alen Radeljic gets ready to play. Dressed in his home uniform of white, Radeljic goes right for the goal. His natural and swift moves get him around the defense, until he is face to face with the goalie. The laces of

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  • Vikings Win Makes Wolves Playoff Berth ‘That Much Harder’
    8:34 AM

    Hustling onto the field ready to take on their rivals on a cool fall night, the 4-and-2 Wolves thought they had this game in the bag — and that they’d be one step closer to their goal of making it to the playoffs. Niles North had not won a single contest this season up until this

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  • Historic Season for the Cubs
    8:35 AM

    The Chicago Cubs haven’t reached 100 wins since 1935, back when the Great Depression was still going on, a loaf of bread only costed eight cents, and Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. Today, the Cubs sit at the top of the NL Central with the best record in baseball, and are to face off against the wild

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  • Skokie Skirmish Preview 2016
    8:18 AM

    The lights will shine bright as the boys varsity football team runs onto the field with pride, ready to take on their longtime rivals. Our Wolves will take on the Niles North Vikings at home this Friday, Oct. 7 at 7:00 p.m.  Niles North had started off their season by trailing with five straight losses. West, on

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