• What You Need to Know about the NBA All-Star Game
    1:09 PM

    The NBA All-Star Weekend is right around the corner and people nationwide are excited for all the events. If you aren’t familiar with basketball or these special games, the NWN is going to break it down for you. The All-Star Celebrity game on Friday Feb. 17, the skills challenge, three point contest, and dunk contest

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  • Boys Varsity Basketball: Tough Rivalry, Even Tougher Loss
    9:37 AM

    Last Friday, Feb. 10, the Niles West boys varsity basketball team faced their crosstown rivals Niles North. Even though it was held in the North gym, an enormous amount of fans came to support the Wolves. The game was unbelievably close, but West ultimately were defeated 61-64 in overtime. Junior and varsity team member Sami Massih was

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  • Boys Varsity Basketball: The Fight for the Trophy Continues
    9:23 AM

    The Niles West Boys varsity basketball team is set to go up against their crosstown rival Niles North on Friday, Feb. 10. The game will take place at North, starting at 7:00 p.m. Recently, the team has had more success due to focusing more on the process instead of just the winning. They’ve been carrying out

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  • Boys Varsity CSL Swim Meet Preview
    9:20 AM

    This Saturday, Feb. 11, Niles West will be hosting the annual CSL end-of-the-season boys swim meet.  JV will be competing at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 10, while the varsity will compete the following day, beginning at 1:00 p.m. This will be the last major meet before the boys head to the IHSA Sectionals. Head swim

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  • Dino Perocevic: Faith, Football, and Moving On
    3:16 PM

    It’s a quiet night in the Niles West Basrak Stadium, but 30 miles down in Schaumburg, a football is in the air one minute, and the next, in the arms of the unmistakable jersey number 84. Like a reflex, 84 takes off in a sprint, protecting the ball with his life as his legs are

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  • What You Didn’t Know About The Big Game
    9:31 PM

    With a spread of only three points going into the big game, most fans did not know what to expect on Sunday night. What they did get was an overtime thriller. This was the first time any NFL championship has gone into overtime. Sophomore Mike McKay was rooting for the Patriots and was thrilled when they

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  • The Biggest Game of the Year
    9:09 AM

    This year’s big game, one of the biggest sporting events of the year, is getting lots of people riled up. Even if it’s just for the commercials, multitudes of people watch. Despite the tough season that went on, which felt like a string of Thursday night games, it has finally come and it couldn’t be

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