• NWN Fantasy Baseball Underway
    8:08 AM

    For the first time ever, the NWN will be involved in a fantasy baseball league. A six person league that will run until the end of the year. However, we added our own little twist. Instead of the members drafting their players, we decided to let our league be auto-drafted. The reasoning for this is to

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  • Varsity Baseball Update
    8:29 AM

    With a record of 7-1, this season could possibly be the best one yet for the boys varsity baseball team. Led by senior captains Christos Tountas and Sam Rukin, the boys have made coach Gary Gustafson proud to coach the team. “We’re going into the conference games now, and we have a lot of confidence

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  • 2016 NCAA Tournament Predictions
    8:42 AM

    March means college basketball. Sunday night, the brackets were revealed and it left a lot of viewers scratching their heads at some of the decisions the committee made. For one, Syracuse and Tulsa made it, but Monmouth didn’t. Monmouth played 17 true road games and beat Notre Dame and USC along the way. Syracuse shouldn’t

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  • 2016 Boys Baseball Preview
    12:48 PM

    The 2016 varsity boys baseball team has started practicing ahead of their season. With a good mix of veterans and young guys, Coach Gary Gustafson is confident in his team this year. “We have a good mix of players, I think they all get along very well. We’ve been very focused in practice. I think

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  • Christos Tountas: Chasing The Dream
    9:39 AM

    Growing up with two brothers who played for the Greek National baseball team and made it all the way to the pro draft has put senior Christos Tountas in a position with high expectations. Learning to love the game of baseball at a young age, Tountas knew that he wanted to try and pursue his

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