• Boys Varsity Basketball: Tough Rivalry, Even Tougher Loss
    9:37 AM

    Last Friday, Feb. 10, the Niles West boys varsity basketball team faced their crosstown rivals Niles North. Even though it was held in the North gym, an enormous amount of fans came to support the Wolves. The game was unbelievably close, but West ultimately were defeated 61-64 in overtime. Junior and varsity team member Sami Massih was

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  • Boys Varsity Basketball: The Fight for the Trophy Continues
    9:23 AM

    The Niles West Boys varsity basketball team is set to go up against their crosstown rival Niles North on Friday, Feb. 10. The game will take place at North, starting at 7:00 p.m. Recently, the team has had more success due to focusing more on the process instead of just the winning. They’ve been carrying out

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  • Girls Varsity Basketball vs Evanston: Redemption
    9:33 AM

    With the basketball season coming to an end, it is important for the girls varsity basketball team to keep up their game and their wins. The girls are scheduled to play Evanston this Friday, and they’re excited to take them on and showcase their skills. Sophomore and starting player for the wolves Sam Galanopoulos knows that her

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  • Boys Varsity vs. New Trier Preview: Working Towards a Win
    12:45 PM

    The Niles West wolves Boys’ basketball team is back in action this Friday, against New Trier, hoping to come back with a win after their devastating 3-point loss to rival, Niles North. The team is currently 0-3 in conference and are looking to catch their first conference win on their home court. The boys have

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  • Girls Varsity Basketball: The Trophy Returns
    9:48 AM

    As the girls varsity basketball team shook hands with their rivals the Niles North Vikings this past Friday, they were thrilled to have won 53-25 and to have brought the traveling trophy back. Junior and varsity player Nicole Zelazko was excited to have won such a competitive game against a team they lost to in the previous year.

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  • West vs Evanston Preview 2016
    9:15 AM

    As the lights flicker, the players scatter onto the court in warm-up formation to practice lay-ups, and then gradually moving on to hitting jump shots. The players get warmed up as the sound of pumped-up music fills the contest gym. Getting ready to play Evanston Township High School is one of the most anticipated and

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