• A Leader on the Field: Yaniv Shields
    9:59 AM

    Family heirlooms come in all types of forms: a wedding dress, a watch, a ring. Football has been passed down to senior Yaniv Shields from his brother and father.
    Since he was 10, Mr. Shields has been the driving force of his son’s football career. Since fifth grade, Shields has played for Niles West’s feeder football

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  • Skokie Skirmish: Vikings Obliterate Wolves
    8:35 AM

    If you’re a student at either Niles North or West odds are you know what the annual Skokie Skirmish is. And odds are you were excited to watch the teams settle their rivalry last Saturday. It was a tough game and each team gave it their all, but when the buzzer sounded the end of

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  • NWSN Episode 1: Football with Harold Davis
    11:07 AM

    Welcome Niles West to our newest weekly series, NWSN. We will be sitting down and interviewing athletes and asking all about their team’s accomplishments and goals.
    Our first ever episode features senior football player Harold Davis.
    Niles West will be taking on rival Niles North in the annual Skokie Skirmish. The game will begin at 1 p.m.

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  • 2015 Skokie Skirmish Preview
    8:09 AM

    Nothing gets people more pumped than a rivalry, and as everyone knows, this weekend is the annual Skokie Skirmish; a football game between Niles North and Niles West. With last years upset and a devastating loss of 48-37, the Wolves plan to forget the past and focus on the present.
    “In order to win this

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  • Video: NW Football vs. Lane Tech
    8:35 AM

    Niles West Football was up against Lane Tech Friday, September 4th. With a final score 50-13, the Wolves came out on top with a victorious win.
    Check out our video with some highlights from the game.
    Video by Darsea Hajdarevic

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  • 2015 Varsity Football Preview
    8:39 AM

    The Niles West News sat down with head football coach Scott Baum to talk about the upcoming football season. We are all looking forward to a year with more wins, a new offense, and more records waiting to be shattered. The junior heavy Wolves roster may be young, but is nonetheless looking promising.
    NWN: How’s the team looking to

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  • Super Bowl XLIX Preview
    9:21 AM

    This NFL season has been one of the most exciting seasons, with some of the best games of football I have ever watched. This Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and The Seattle Seahawks square up for the title game. As many of you know,the recent deflate gate scandal is still under investigation, and is

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