• West Students React to NFL Draft
    8:27 AM

    The NFL draft has quickly finished up and depending on which team drafted who, people are either praising the general manager and his genius decision or cursing him out wondering what he was thinking. This year that general manager who made all his fans groan out loud was our very own Ryan Pace of the

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  • Dino Perocevic: Faith, Football, and Moving On
    3:16 PM

    It’s a quiet night in the Niles West Basrak Stadium, but 30 miles down in Schaumburg, a football is in the air one minute, and the next, in the arms of the unmistakable jersey number 84. Like a reflex, 84 takes off in a sprint, protecting the ball with his life as his legs are

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  • The Bears: The Losing Streak Continues
    9:16 AM

    As the season continues, The Chicago Bears currently sit at last place in the NFC North division of the NFL with a record of 3-10. They rank last in the NFL in points with 17 and rank in the bottom half of every other statistical category. Sophomore Andrew Lee thinks that injuries took a major toll

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  • The Turkey Bowl: An Unofficial Thanksgiving Tradition
    1:01 PM

    As the leaves pile up on the sidewalk and the cold wind rips through the air, captains and seniors Johnny Pabst and Mikey Youkanna exchange cruel glares as they trot down to Molloy Park for the annual Turkey Bowl. The Turkey Bowl was created by a group of students as a way to enjoy Thanksgiving

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  • Niles West’s Varsity Football: The End of an Era
    8:37 AM

    As the Niles West Varsity football team finishes up their season, they’re scheduled to take on the New Trier Trevians this Friday for West’s senior night. This game is instrumental in earning the Wolves consideration for the playoffs. The Trevians are currently undefeated in conference, and have a record of 4-0. Niles West is now 1-3. Senior and middle

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  • Vikings Win Makes Wolves Playoff Berth ‘That Much Harder’
    8:34 AM

    Hustling onto the field ready to take on their rivals on a cool fall night, the 4-and-2 Wolves thought they had this game in the bag — and that they’d be one step closer to their goal of making it to the playoffs. Niles North had not won a single contest this season up until this

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  • Skokie Skirmish Preview 2016
    8:18 AM

    The lights will shine bright as the boys varsity football team runs onto the field with pride, ready to take on their longtime rivals. Our Wolves will take on the Niles North Vikings at home this Friday, Oct. 7 at 7:00 p.m.  Niles North had started off their season by trailing with five straight losses. West, on

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