• Chicago Blackhawks 2016 Update
    10:39 AM

    After losing seven out of the last ten games this month alone, you have to ask yourself, what is going on? Honestly, it’s just the Hawks getting out their pre-playoff jitters and this isn’t the first year it has happened. Look at the 2014-15 and the 2013-14 seasons. The same thing happened to the team

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  • Blackhawks Update
    8:36 AM

    The defending Stanley Cup Champions began the season this year with a rough start. But, don’t lose hope yet. Last year, they started their season with a 4-4 record, and they came out Stanley Cup Champions. There has been a lot of talk this year about how the team hasn’t been as good as usual. The

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  • Nighthawks Hockey: An Unrecognized Sport
    9:07 AM

    You may have heard of The Niles Nighthawks, a combined Niles North and Niles West Club hockey team. The Nighthawks are West and North’s hockey team that nobody seems to know about, and that needs to change. Currently the Nighthawks are recognized as a club at West… a club that cost $3,500 to be a

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  • How to Become a Hawks Fan
    9:07 AM

    I’m not what you call a sports fan. I don’t wait for the weekend to sit on my couch and watch a game. I don’t look forward to the super bowl. And, I don’t own any jerseys. However, one sport that tamed me is hockey. Believe it or not, the interest was sparked not too

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  • Olympic Hockey: The Best In The World Take The Ice
    9:25 AM

    The Winter Olympics are here once again, and for hockey fans like myself that means a chance to see the best hockey talent in the world showcase their skill while surrounded by new teams and coaches. Watching international play is fun because you get to root for players you wouldn’t normally cheer for, and you

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  • Brummitt Titled Defenseman of the Year
    10:15 AM

    Junior Nighthawks player  Nick Brummitt has been named the Defenseman of the Year  in the ISHL North Central League Hull East JV Division. Brummitt beat out players from the whole Hull East JV division, including those from Maine South and Evanston Township. The award was based off of statistics and points earned while playing during the

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  • Here Come the Hawks, the Mighty Blackhawks
    10:01 AM

    It’s hard to believe that the first Blackhawks game of the shortened season occurred January 19, but it did, and since then the Hawks have been off to a literal record-breaking start. Currently, the 2013 Blackhawks team holds the record for most consecutive games with a point to start a season.  The record is 20-0-3, meaning that the

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