• Girls  Varsity Soccer Prepares for CSL Cross-Over Game
    8:37 AM

    The Niles West Girls varsity soccer team is preparing to partake in one of their last games of the season — the CSL Cross-over. The girls team is currently 1-4 in conference and 9-8-2 overall. This game features the girls playing a team from the north conference, based on overall record. This game will be the last

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  • Girls Soccer Pepsi Showdown Preview
    9:01 AM

    The NWN had a chance to sit down with two sophomores on West’s varsity soccer team, Ashley Dyer and Edita Mackic, to talk about the upcoming annual Pepsi Showdown tournament. NWN: What are you most excited about for the Pepsi Showdown? Dyer: Well, the whole tournament feeling is overall pretty exciting. With my experience from last year, we

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  • 2017 Spring Preview: Girls Soccer
    9:33 AM

    After a long off-season, one of Niles West’s finest spring sports teams is back and more ready than ever. The Niles West girls varsity soccer team consists of girls from all grade levels, but one thing they all have in common is the love and passion they have for the game. It’s hard to find

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  • Alen Radeljic: How an Injury Potentially Ended His Career
    8:09 AM

    With lights glinting off the sweat dripping down his face, and the fans cheering all around, senior Alen Radeljic gets ready to play. Dressed in his home uniform of white, Radeljic goes right for the goal. His natural and swift moves get him around the defense, until he is face to face with the goalie. The laces of

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  • Boys Varsity Soccer: Niles West vs Niles North Preview
    8:15 AM

    The boys varsity soccer team will be playing their rivals at Niles North, starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 20. Senior co-captain Georgi Spasov loves playing this game in particular. “Seeing all the fans there, making West proud, and playing in the derby itself is an insane feeling. What’s exciting to see is all the support from everyone

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