• 2016 Boys Volleyball Preview
    9:24 PM

    Since tryouts are over, coach Andrew Roche has made his final decisions about this year’s Boys Varsity Volleyball team. The NWN sat down with the coach and team to talk about this season’s goals about taking on the schools in our conference.
    NWN: How well do you expect the boys to perform this year?
    Coach Roche: We

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  • Gian Denila: Balance
    9:37 AM

    As young Gian Denila stepped foot on the court for the first time at eight years old, the height of the net intimidated her, but she wanted to rise to the challenge. She started her journey in the Philippines. Denila did not picture herself ever playing volleyball, because it was a distraction from the sport she loved:

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  • 2015 Girls Volleyball Preview
    11:31 AM

    The Niles West News had a chance to sit down with the girls head volleyball coach, Stacy Metoyer, about their current season. The Wolves are off to a great start defeating both Warrior squads (Deerfield and Maine West), and the Maine East Blue Demons. Last year, the girls varsity volleyball team took it to the next

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  • Video: Boys Varsity Volleyball Preview
    8:34 AM

    The boys volleyball teams will be going against Niles North tonight for their annual showdown. The varsity game begins at 6pm. NWN reporter Adam Blaylock sat down to find out more about the team this season.

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