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  • Thank You for Staying Tuned
    6:44 AM

    If I’m going to be 100% honest with you right now, coming into high school I wanted to be a lawyer. If it wasn’t for my mom constantly pushing me to join the paper, I really don’t know where I would be right now. For some reason, I was really against it too. In fact,

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  • Freshman Friday: Lorelei Wernecke
    10:05 PM

    Toward the end of the school day, the hallways of Niles West are loud and bustling, filled with people going from one place to another. Amoungst this group of intentful students is freshman Lorelei Wernecke. She is on her way to do something she is beyond passionate about; fine arts. Though finding an activity that

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  • Two Varsity Girls Niles West Pole Vaulters Qualify for State
    10:21 AM

    Two girls on the Niles West girls track and field team qualified and now have the opportunity to compete at the state competition at Eastern Illinois University on Thursday, May 18. Senior Nicole Cho, who will be attending the University of Illinois, will be continuing her pole vaulting career there next year. Senior Karina Marin will be attending Washington

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  • Fine Arts Scholarship Signing Breakfast Held This Morning
    8:19 AM

    Students gathered in the Student Commons on the morning of Thursday, May 18 for the Fine Arts scholarship signing breakfast. This was the first year the event took place. Art teacher Deanna Sortino pioneered the idea. She decided it was time to recognize the students who have spent countless hours on their craft and that earning an art scholarship is

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  • Where Are You Going Wednesday: Refah Zabin
    9:50 PM

    Moving is almost never easy, even when you’re transferring as a freshman in high school. Senior Refah Zabin grew up in China and transferred to Niles West from there. Originally placed in ELL (English Language Learners) classes, Zabin gradually worked her way up towards regular English classes, and she was eventually placed into honors. Although

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  • Art Awards Breakfast Recognizes Outstanding Students
    9:58 AM

    On the morning of Wednesday, May 17, the Art Awards Breakfast was held in the South Lobby. Students were recognized for their achievements in art in front of their peers and teachers. Students were awarded Scholastic, competition, and art show awards that ranged from the national to local level. Awards were given for artwork that the students

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  • Special Report: Sources Confirm Sproat Discussed Intent to Remove Konsewicz as Coach
    9:37 AM

    Following months of repeated denials by former school board president Mark Sproat, multiple sources and documents indicate contact between Sproat and at least one Niles West administrator, a parent, and a student regarding former girls basketball coach Anthony Konsewicz. The controversy first came to a head on Tuesday, April 4 when several parents of girls basketball players,

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