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  • Are AP Classes Worth it?
    9:33 AM

    To most people, there’s nothing unusual about the first couple weeks of May. To AP students, however, it’s two weeks of pain. The idea of offering college-level courses to high school students began in the 1950s. Since then, the program has expanded to having 38 different courses with around 60% of high schools in the

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  • 2017 Spring Preview: Boys Volleyball
    8:12 AM

    As the spring season approaches, boys volleyball is right around the corner. The NWN had a chance to sit down with sophomore Evan Han, who will be playing on the varsity team this season. NWN: What are you looking forward to for your first varsity season? Han: I’m looking forward to the new competitive atmosphere. It’s a completely

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  • The Wolf Road and a Female’s Journey: Coach Holly Norberg
    8:41 AM

    Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of five features about female student-athletes and alums of Niles West highlighting their journeys as female athletes. You may often see her in the weight room easily bench pressing and squatting impressive amounts, but many not know that coach Holly Norberg once competed in a body building competition.

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  • Meanwhile in Illinois Politics…
    8:14 AM

    Although most people pick at their phones and constantly scan CNN or Fox news to know every detail of what our new president and his administration are up to, we don’t realize what’s been going on here in the Prairie state — and it’s not good. The “Land of Lincoln” is most well known for being

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  • Homeroom: Is It Really Necessary?
    11:08 AM

    After the third period dismissal bell, the hallways are filled with chaos and a frenzy of lockers opening and closing, and students dipping into one bathroom only to see that the line is too long and they won’t get to their next class in time. Except that there is no real class that these kids

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  • 2017 Spring Preview: Boys Tennis
    9:30 AM

    The Niles West News had a chance to sit down with boys varsity tennis coach Andrew Suarez to discuss their goals and expectations for the upcoming season. NWN: How does the team look this year? Suarez: We lost six seniors last year with two of them being varsity starters since their freshman years, so this year will be a

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