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  • Meet Me in a Minute: Phillip Abonce
    8:40 AM

    As the lights beam down and the players line up on the bright green turf, junior Phillip Abonce hustles onto the field ready to take on his opponents. However, since the season is now coming to a close, Abonce plans to trade in his football cleats for baseball cleats. Abonce found his love for baseball at a young

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  • Cubs Going to the World Series
    8:38 AM

    The Chicago Cubs have had a season to remember, finishing with a record of 103-58 and defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the National League Pennant. This means they will be going on to compete against the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. Although the Cubs have had an outstanding season, this win over the Dodgers has finally allowed the Cubs to

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  • Makeup Monday: Baking and Its Benefits
    8:33 AM

    Baking is a technique that has changed the makeup game. It is a popular trend that many people have been trying out in the past year or so. The technique claims to keep your under eyes and other areas of your face staying bright all day. The term “baking” came into use because it is meant to be left on

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  • Niles West to Host Theatre Showcase
    8:32 AM

    The Theater for Young Audiences showcase will take place in the Blackbox theater on Wed., Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. The showcase is designed for kids of all ages, specifically from the feeder schools, to the world of theatre. This year’s performance will be “Alice in Wonderland”, and the cast is comprised of theater students

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  • Annual Fall Band Concert To Be Held Tomorrow
    8:30 AM

    Lights turn on, and everyone’s eyes are on the brightly lit stage. The conductor, Justin Johnson, begins to swing and wave his arms to direct his group of student musicians. It’s the annual Fall Band Concert. This Tuesday, Oct. 25, will be hosting the annual fall band concert in the Auditorium. The expectations are set high

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  • Meet Me in a Minute: German-Exchange Student, Lisa Kunz
    8:28 AM

    This week, many German exchange students have made their way to Chicago, more specifically, Niles West, to learn about American culture and experience life on a different continent. One of those students is Lisa Kunz, a typical teenage 16-year-old girl who enjoys activities like sports and horse back riding. Coming to a country you have never been to

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