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  • Makeup Monday: Benefit from “Benefit”
    10:38 AM

    Makeup is something that I have a very strong passion for. Ever since started finding makeup tutorials and beauty gurus on YouTube, my interest with products and techniques grew. Over the years, I’ve learned makeup isn’t just a girly thing used for what many might say is ‘false advertising,’ but that it’s an art form that seriously

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  • Hungry Like the Wolf: Homemade Pizza
    8:29 AM

    Do you ever have one of those days where you or your family are just not feeling it? Maybe you’re slugged down on the couch, but you remember you have to put dinner on the table. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Ordering pizza. It’s fast, it’s delicious, and you don’t have

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  • Why People Don’t Go to Homecoming
    8:16 AM

    When we think of homecoming, we think of a big school dance. Students getting dolled up and having fun, but others just think of another dance that they will not attend. Although many people think homecoming as the “have to go” social event of the season, others just see the dance as another ordinary day

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  • 10 Reasons Why I’m Excited for Grey’s Anatomy
    8:40 AM

    It’s that time of year again! In case you haven’t heard (how could you not?), the 13th season of Grey’s Anatomy is premiering this Thursday. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this episode since May 19, aka the day the last episode of season 12 aired. In honor of 13 great seasons, I’ve compiled a list of the

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  • Homecoming 2016 Vs. Magnificent Coloring Day
    11:37 AM

    Many students at Niles West have been, and may even still be, conflicted with where to be this Saturday, Sept. 24, since Homecoming 2016 will take place the same day as the concert Magnificent Coloring Day, held by Chicago rapper Chance the Rapper. It features many big-time artists such as Skrillex, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and Lil

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  • “Blond” or “Boys Don’t Cry” — Does it matter?
    11:26 AM

    After a four-year wait, Blond is here, and has been all the buzz. After the release of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean teased his fans with hints of a new album coming their way. With only 17 songs and one single, Nikes, Ocean doesn’t play his music for the radio. With Ocean dodging the press, and also deleting his

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  • How 9/11 Changed My Life
    8:44 AM

    For most people, a wedding, funeral, graduation, or any other big event changes their lives forever. I’ve experienced many weddings, funerals, and even graduations, but not one of those events has changed my life or will ever change my life the way 9/11 has. I know there will be many people who take this article as a

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