• Niles West News’ Food Columnist
    8:32 AM

    My name is Zubair Muhammad, and I am proud to introduce myself as the NWN’s first-ever food columnist. I am currently a sophomore, but I have been working with food for well over three years, making me more than qualified to write a food column. After taking a Home Economics class in sixth grade at Lincoln Hall, I

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  • On the Flip Side: Asians in the Media
    8:43 AM

    Listen to the very first episode of the podcast On the Flip Side discussing the representation of Asians in the media with Niles West alumna, working actor, and current student at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles: Sharon Pasia. I am an Asian woman. I also enjoy humor. But the misrepresentation of Asians

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  • Peace Love Chic: Heat on Your Hair
    9:40 AM

    It’s common knowledge that heat will damage your hair. Your hair is just like your skin, and burning it with tools doesn’t feel good at all. So, try not to do things to your hair that you wouldn’t do to your skin. Using a heat protector should be necessary if you plan to apply heat to

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  • Peace Love Chic: Simple Makeup Look
    8:16 AM

    This post is part of NWN’s beauty blog,  Peace Love Chic. Sometimes people don’t want to put a lot of makeup on, or they just want to go for a natural look rather than all blown out. A very natural makeup look can be simple, yet still remain classy. The first thing is a primer,

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  • Peace Love Chic: Beauty Blender
    9:18 AM

    I’m sure many girls have heard of the beauty blender. There’s been a hype about it for over a year, with all of the dupes and seeing if it really is worth the splurge.  The beauty blender will push the makeup into your skin, rather than just rubbing it around your skin with a brush.

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  • Baked to the Bone: A Food Blog
    9:29 AM

    Who says a guy can’t cook? That’s what my blog Baked to the Bone proves wrong. Being one of the only guys in numerous Sur la Table cooking classes I have taken, I prove that cooking has no gender. BakedtotheBone was first started in the October of 2015 as an assignment I had to complete

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  • Peace Love Chic: Best Drugstore Mascara
    9:36 AM

    This post is part of NWN’s beauty blog, Peace Love Chic. Mascara is really important. There are all different types depending on the look you’re aiming for, and what type you personally like the best– mascara can transform your look drastically. Clumpiness is not something most people want when they apply their mascara, and The

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