• On the Flip Side: Is Art the New Math?
    9:32 AM

    The second hour of the morning passes and she is nowhere near finished. With a desk covered in pencil shavings and drawers overflowing with scratch paper, senior Lily Matteson‘s desk is a mirror image of a math student’s in the ungodly, pre-sun darkness: constantly “one more minute” until complete understanding of what she pursues.
    For as long

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  • Peace Love Chic: A Beauty Blog
    10:33 AM

    Peace Love Chic is a combination of a friend’s love for beauty and makeup. It’s all about tips, advice, and favorites of ours, that we decided to share with everyone who access’s the blog. Knowing each other for over 10 years has allowed us all to have an open relationship with each other and it helps

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  • Introducing NWN’s Political Reporter
    10:31 AM

    I am here to introduce myself as a new political writer for Niles West News, and to introduce the blog that I started for journalism, New Politics. I am a 15-year-old sophomore. I have always found politics interesting, mostly due to my obsession with history.
    My blog will provide a view on politics from a

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  • College Decision Day: How To Not Sweat the College Process
    7:04 AM

    Today marks the national college decision day– the deadline for students to formally declare their intent to attend a specific university. Many students have ridden time right down to the wire, analyzing and comparing all of their educational options for next year with aspects such as finances, opportunity for growth and school location in mind.

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Analise Vujica
    8:14 AM

    Do you ever wonder where senior Analise Vujica buys her signature, boho sweaters? I do too, so I decided to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her style.
    NWN: What’s your go-to outfit, hairstyle or make up?
    Vujica: My go-to outfit is combat boots, leggings, and a Free People sweater with a

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Skylar Chatman
    8:22 AM

    Ever seen a girl with bouncy, curly, blonde hair, and pink Doc Martens? Then, you’ve probably seen senior Skylar Chatman strolling through the hallways the with her edgy style.
    NWN: Describe your style.
    Chatman: I’d say my style is punk/grunge and kind of edgy.
    NWN: What’s your go-to outfit or make-up?
    Chatman: My go-to make up is always a

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  • Back to the Basket: Why Leave School Early?
    8:57 AM

    The 2014 NBA draft was believed by many to be what would turn into the deepest draft in league history. While I do still believe that statement to have truth to it, thus far this has been a less than memorable season for the bulk of youngsters that entered this highly anticipated season. Many of

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