• College Decision Day: How To Not Sweat the College Process
    7:04 AM

    Today marks the national college decision day– the deadline for students to formally declare their intent to attend a specific university. Many students have ridden time right down to the wire, analyzing and comparing all of their educational options for next year with aspects such as finances, opportunity for growth and school location in mind.

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Analise Vujica
    8:14 AM

    Do you ever wonder where senior Analise Vujica buys her signature, boho sweaters? I do too, so I decided to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her style.
    NWN: What’s your go-to outfit, hairstyle or make up?
    Vujica: My go-to outfit is combat boots, leggings, and a Free People sweater with a

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Skylar Chatman
    8:22 AM

    Ever seen a girl with bouncy, curly, blonde hair, and pink Doc Martens? Then, you’ve probably seen senior Skylar Chatman strolling through the hallways the with her edgy style.
    NWN: Describe your style.
    Chatman: I’d say my style is punk/grunge and kind of edgy.
    NWN: What’s your go-to outfit or make-up?
    Chatman: My go-to make up is always a

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  • Back to the Basket: Why Leave School Early?
    8:57 AM

    The 2014 NBA draft was believed by many to be what would turn into the deepest draft in league history. While I do still believe that statement to have truth to it, thus far this has been a less than memorable season for the bulk of youngsters that entered this highly anticipated season. Many of

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Cami Cassidy
    8:12 AM

    Between her cardigan and jeans look to her sweater look, you may have seen junior Cami Cassidy walking around the halls in her simple, yet sophisticated style.
    NWN: What’s your go-to outfit?
    Cassidy: Probably jeans, a cardigan and a scarf or maybe even jeans and a sweater. Something simple, yet cute.
    NWN: What are some of your inspirations?
    Cassidy: I don’t

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  • Snapchat Has Taken Over
    9:27 AM

    In a recent New York Times article,  Snapchat’s co-founder, Evan Spiegel wrote, “There is real value in sharing moments that don’t live forever.”
    After the social media app came out, I personally thought the idea was dumb and that it wouldn’t work. However, after downloading it and after the sudden flash of it becoming one of the

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  • Niles West’s Fashion Fanatics: Emma Hegelson
    9:22 AM

    Throughout the past four years at Niles West, I have noticed that there have been more than a handful students who have a great sense of style. With such a diverse community as West, there all kinds of styles from different cultures that have caught my eye, but there are also outfits that some would

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