10th Period Blog

  • Goodbye, Niles West
    7:50 AM

    I still remember walking into NWN adviser Evelyn Lauer’s second semester journalism class my freshman year. I was nervous and extremely timid with  my writing. But that class changed my writing and future at West forever. While I have dabbled in sports, reviews, and opinion writing throughout my NWN career, my first love is the

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  • Want to Make an Impact? Create a Club!
    9:18 AM

    As many Niles West students know, our school has a rich variety of clubs, from cultural clubs, to clubs based off of beloved books or T.V. shows, such as Dr. Who Club. While there seems to be a club for everyone, there can always be more added. Virtually anyone can start up a club; it’s

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  • Now’s the Perfect Time to Join Clubs!
    9:20 AM

    When school starts at the end of August, it can be overwhelming deciding which clubs and activities to join. If you are in a fall sport, you really don’t have much time to figure out what you’re going to participate in once your season ends. However, I think the best time to join a club

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  • 2:56 PM

    Now that our much needed summer break is over, it is time to get back into the swing of school and all the wonderful activities we offer. Clearly, we have a fantastic theatre department. I have seen many, many productions, including “Xanadu,” “Chicago,” and “The King and I.” I still cannot believe that this is

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  • 8:40 AM

    Most teenagers look forward to their birthdays. 16 means license, and 18 means legalization. But there is more to numbers, balloons, and cake for a high school student; there are also birthday decorations! Typically (especially with girls) friends decorate the birthday person’s locker with streamers, pictures, and cute messages and notes in order to show

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  • 9:05 AM

    Those who are involved in Dance Marathon know that Niles North values the event like no other. They absolutely love participating in it. Not to say that West students don’t, but there is a considerable ratio difference when one goes to the dance. The question is why? Why is Dance Marathon a staple at North,

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  • 9:20 AM

    One of the greatest aspects of Niles West is that we have many clubs, and with clubs come fundraisers. Some clubs sell t-shirts, some ask for donated items, and  Greek club even makes homemade frappuccinos outside the cafeteria. The most prevalent way to fundraise is through the selling of food, no matter if it’s candy, ethnic

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