Freshman Blogger

  • My Many Mothers
    5:09 AM

    As the temperatures started to fall last year, I was presented with an opportunity to make use of my French at school; I was offered to go on a trip to France. I rushed home and begged my parents to let me go. They were intrigued, and agreed to my request. However, I would be

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  • Freshman Blogger: What’s the Right Setting to Study for Finals?
    9:37 AM

    Don’t count on a warm beach in Florida to study for finals. In addition, don’t count on a ski trip to Wisconsin to study either. When going to a new place to study, something will always distract you. It takes a lot of external encouragement plus immense willpower just to crack open a math book,

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  • 9:54 AM

    As I make my way through the halls of Niles West, and even when I get a little lost, I love looking around, maybe bumping into people (something I learned is unique only to freshmen and automatically gives you away) and staring at plaques, posters, signs and other things on the wall. Niles West is

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