The Way I See It

  • Three Reasons Why I’ll Cry at Graduation
    8:25 AM

    For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a crier. I don’t cry when I watch sad movies, I usually don’t cry when people die, and I certainly don’t cry at joyous events like graduation. This will all change for me on Thursday, May 30 for three reasons: 1. Niles West has been

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  • Toga Tuesday Forced to Unwrap
    8:59 AM

    We should have seen this coming. Our generation has become a gap generation, stuck between two very distinct eras. We are transitioning into a much more sensitive society,  and while that may not always be a bad thing, its effects are undeniably present. This seems to be a trend with the traditional unofficial senior spirit

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  • How to Make that Second Semester Senior Year Worthwhile
    11:48 AM

    You’ve seen the movies, you’ve heard of the stories, and they’re all true- second semester senior year is a beautiful thing. I am blessed to have the luxury of a light schedule that includes a late start and two free periods every day. I’m with my friends all the time, and I’m lucky enough to

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  • Respect: It Applies to Politics Too
    12:56 AM

    There I was, just casually scrolling down my Twitter feed, when I came across the following tweet: “Democrat stereotypes don’t apply half the time while republican stereotypes always apply.” What? So every Republican is an old, rich, white guy? I agree with the first part of the statement, but I don’t think stereotypes apply half

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  • Golf: Not as Boring as it Looks
    10:39 AM

    “You drove two and a half hours to watch golf?”Yes, I did. And it was the most interesting experience I had all year. Seniors Katie McDonagh, Divya Shah, and Connor Dyer, and I drove out to watch junior Nate Lee play golf at the state tournament. We found it embarrassing that after four years at

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  • 9:00 AM

    As freshmen, perhaps the most common piece of advice we received was to join clubs, sports, or other organizations. Being part of a group comes with its benefits: 1, your college application is that much more colorful; 2, you get to meet more people, and most importantly; 3, the memories you have of high school

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  • 10:26 PM

    It’s day four of the teachers’ strike in Chicago, and regardless of what politicians might say, negotiations aren’t near completion. For those of you who don’t know, on Monday, Sept. 10, Chicago Public School teachers went on strike until their contract is finalized. According to abc7 news, major points of disagreement are teachers’ pay (specifically

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