• Junior Year: Why the Stress is Worth It
    8:36 AM

    Junior year. Often synonymous with hell, stress, and/or tears.
    This is the year that everyone tells you counts; and the worst part is they’re right. It is colleges favorite time to look at your grades, the ACT becomes something to worry about, and always a whole pile of homework to finish. But as awful as it

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  • Saying Hello to Sophomore Year
    8:31 AM

    Congratulations! Freshman year has probably sucker punched you and yet you’re still here ready to move onto to Sophomore year. As an incoming junior, I can give you some great advice on how to soar through sophomore year. Although many people say 10th grade is “kinda just there” and “isn’t important”, its far from that.

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  • An NWN Special Report: Race and Equity Series
    8:09 AM

    A few months ago the NWN staff underwent a day-long race-and-equity training program. Although this was the NWN’s first encounter with this kind of training, it is not new within district 219. Administration and staff have been participating in race and equity training since the beginning of the school year in efforts that are directed

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  • Editorial: Think Before You Post (on Social Media)
    6:40 PM

    In a moment of rage, we can all be capable of doing the worst and taking actions we haven’t thought out properly.
    We’ve all made the negative tweet, Facebook status, and Instagram caption regarding how unhappy some things and some people make us, but we urge you to remember the potential consequences in doing so.
    Considering the

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  • Editorial: Don’t Shoot the Messenger
    9:00 AM

    Due to the influx of comments questioning the Niles West News’ position on covering the arrest of senior Sam Breitberg and last week being Scholastic Journalism Week, the NWN editors would like to clarify the purpose of this student-run publication.
    Although the NWN is not a professional site, we produce a publication that models real journalism

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  • Editorial: Subject-Based Finals a Positive Change for West
    10:01 AM

    Congratulations, Niles West — we made it. Second semester has its own connotations for different classes. For the class of 2013, it means attempting to avoid the inevitable contagion “senioritis” for as long as possible. For the class of 2014, it means the hardest semester of high school. Regardless of the level of difficulty of

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  • Put Your Support Behind Calender Changes
    9:22 AM

    Be honest, what do you do over winter break?  We spend the time that we never have during the rest of our school year with friends and family.  We celebrate the holidays.  We travel all over the world to see family.  We catch up on all of our favorite TV shows.  We play video games.

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