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  • Guest Opinion: Beware of Racial Profiling a ‘Suspicious Person’
    8:43 AM

    As alumni, we can attest to the rich power of diversity and multiculturalism at Niles West. Walking through the halls and hearing the sounds of over 70 languages enabled us to shape global and inclusive worldviews, challenge assumptions, and embrace the power of difference.
    With the recent announcement of a suspicious person alert in Skokie, we

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  • Seniors: Don’t Lose Focus
    8:07 AM

    About a year ago at this time, I was very excited to start what I thought would be a complete joke of a school year. I’d worked my tail off for three straight years to assemble a reputable resume for college. What I quickly learned was that being a senior in high school should not

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  • The Nightmare of Prom Dress Shopping
    12:10 PM

    A few weeks ago I went to my favorite wedding gown store to find the perfect dress that would fit my body shape. I was walking around the store and I found one dress that I fell in love with at first sight. It was everything I could ask for in a dress: glitter, a

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  • The Pros of Community College
    8:14 AM

    The busiest time of the year for seniors is among us: college applications. Everyone is scrambling to get letters of recommendations, high school transcripts, and ACT scores in order to meet that November 1st deadline. Applying for college poses so many questions about how far you want to go, what you want to major in,

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  • Chromebooks Update
    8:03 AM

    Hello to all freshmen and welcome to Niles West!
    This is a reminder to go to the Help Desk (across from the IRC on the second floor) to pickup your Chromebook and bag if you haven’t already done so. To help your laptop survive all four years, make sure to keep it in the bag provided.

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  • The Pros & Cons of the New Miley
    8:24 AM

    Whether we are talking about her new music video “We Can’t Stop,” her performance at the Teen Choice Awards, or even her short new hairstyle, Miley Cyrus has definitely been on everyone’s minds lately.
    I have been a fan of Miley since her show “Hannah Montana” came out when I was in the third grade, but

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  • Seniors Know Best
    8:09 AM

    If you’re referring to the time you spend at high school metaphorically, what would you compare it to? A four year sentence in prison? A rat trapped in a cage?
    Those are jokes, obviously, but I think most people can agree it’s just like a roller coaster. Not just any old roller coaster, but if you’ve

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