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  • On the Flip Side: Is Working as a Student Worth It?
    8:34 AM

    On television, working as a full time student looks so simple. Veronica Mars was a barista at a cafe while she aced all of her advanced classes and simultaneously solved a mystery a week. Scott McCall from Teen Wolf worked as a vet’s assistant while also being a werewolf and balancing his supernaturally inclined girlfriends.

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  • Gun Range Not Necessary for Niles
    11:12 AM

    I was raised in a very liberal home, and as I’ve gotten older, I have only gotten more liberal. My stance on guns has always been very consistent with the far left.
    After the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting, I became much more educated on guns. I looked at gun laws

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  • Don’t Freak Out — You’re Just Being Judged
    10:42 AM

    October 5th marks the beginning of the ILMEA festival season. If you’re not an active member of the fine arts departments at Niles West, you probably have no clue what I’m talking about. For those of you who are auditioning in the coming weeks, I wish you the best of luck. Don’t freak out — you’re

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  • Gun Range: Our Right To Bear Arms
    8:39 AM

    Recently, there has been feud over the proposal of the gun range being built in the city of Niles. A gun range is a safe environment for law-abiding citizens to responsibly shoot firearms. A gun range is a place for citizens to exercise their second amendment and lawfully fire weapons.
    The benefit of having a gun

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  • History of Homecoming
    8:11 AM

    As the leaves begin to change, the temperature cools, and the football team starts up their season, it is clear that homecoming will soon be approaching. Every year, universities and high schools all across the country host their annual football games and dances. Although it is custom for students to go out and spend money

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  • On the Flip Side: Is College the Only Way to Success?
    8:08 AM

    When most people think about life after high school, they think about college. For many high school seniors, there haven’t been any other options presented to them. Without college, the adult world seems like a game way out of their league with only major players like Steve Jobs and Manny Pacquiao rising as outliers.
    However, for

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  • First Student Improves Bus Experience
    8:39 AM

    Last year, the school board parted ways with bus company Positive Connections due to complaints and contract infractions, leading to the agreement with First Student, which has, proven to be a much better service.
    For starters, First Student is incredibly more reliable than Positive Connections. Last year, I gave up on taking the bus to school

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