Staff Columns

  • Hungry Like the Wolf: Mastering the Food Profile of Tomatoes
    11:59 AM

    Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of five articles on food profiles. The weather is turning colder and snow will be falling soon, and what fits the comforting mood of winter better than warm soups or stews? The variety in flavors of dishes that can be made with tomatoes — from hearty and rich

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  • The Syrian Civil War and My Friend, Simon
    11:09 AM

    I often wonder how incredibly different my life — and those of thousands of others — would be if the Assyrian genocide never existed. What if we were able to live our lives without the constant fear that we would potentially lose them? Hundreds of artifacts that have been cherished for thousands of years have

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  • Hungry like the Wolf: Mastering the Food Profile of Apples
    10:40 AM

    Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of five articles on food profiles.  Now that the hectic presidential election is finally over (and with a stunning result — for crying out loud, Donald Trump is going to be in office this January!), we can get back to what’s important: cooking. I know I

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  • Makeup Monday: Eyeshadow Palattes
    11:37 AM

    Applying eye shadow is a great technique to be used on the eyes because it accentuates and draws attention to them. There are many different shades and pigments which all have specific ways of making the eyes pop and adding definition. From light shadows and dark shadows to matte and shimmery, each type of shadow has

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  • Hungry Like the Wolf: Pumpkin Pie Recipe Perfect for any Occassion
    10:15 AM

    Whether you’re having friends or family over, throwing a Halloween party, or, in my case, getting some Halloween baking done, it’s ideal to have pumpkin pie around. It’s a kind of custom and tradition, even for someone like me who doesn’t even celebrate Halloween. Typically, I’m one of those people who believe pumpkin shouldn’t even

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  • A Day as a Donald Trump Supporter
    10:27 AM

    Have you ever wondered how it would feel to walk through the halls of Niles West, facing your teachers, peers, and friends while openly supporting Donald Trump? Well, that’s exactly what I did. Before I tell you the horrors of my day, I want to make clear: No, I don’t actually support Donald Trump. I looked

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  • Makeup Monday: Best Mascaras
    9:55 AM

    We all know that mascara is a girl’s essential in her makeup routine, something that she cannot go a day without using. That’s why finding your go-to, perfect mascara is crucial. There are so many different formulas, techniques, wand shapes, and other factors that go into making a mascara, which is why it can be hard

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