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  • On the Flip Side: What Do You Mean I’ll Always Be This Short?
    10:15 AM

    I’m 17 years-old, and at the apex of my natural height, I tower 60 inches above the ground. “Cute,” some of you may be thinking as your brain dings and you successfully convert inches to feet. But over the years, this unsolicited genetic “gift” has given me more issues than “awws.”
    Like the average high school

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  • 13 Halloween Costume Ideas
    10:54 AM

    Halloween is quickly approaching, and like most people, you have probably procrastinated on picking a costume. They are expensive, cliché, and just take too much time to try and go find. To save you the trouble of thinking of a creative costume for a group of your friends or just to fly solo, here’s a

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  • DACA and the Immigrant’s Dream
    8:36 AM

    College is expensive: everyone knows that. In a few years, they’ll be teaching how to calculate repayment for student loans on Sesame Street (“Four years, ah-ah-ah! Five years, ah-ah-ah!”); it’s kind of ridiculous.
    I am a high school senior. It’s simultaneously the best and worst thing about high school thus far. We have to worry about

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  • High School Relationships: Why They’re Worth It
    8:23 AM

    When people think of high school relationships, they think of how they are portrayed in movies. They always like each other back, it’s love at first sight, and everything is perfect. The guy or girl knows exactly what to do to make their partner the happiest person in the world without having any problems, and

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  • High School Survival Guide, Tip 1: Don’t Let the Pain Win
    8:25 AM

    There comes a time in every high schooler’s life where something happens that could impact them for a while. Maybe they just got their heart broken, or lost a good friend. Maybe they got injured pretty badly or maybe they stopped doing what they love, only to regret it. But no matter what, it’s a

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  • On the Flip Side: Is Working as a Student Worth It?
    8:34 AM

    On television, working as a full time student looks so simple. Veronica Mars was a barista at a cafe while she aced all of her advanced classes and simultaneously solved a mystery a week. Scott McCall from Teen Wolf worked as a vet’s assistant while also being a werewolf and balancing his supernaturally inclined girlfriends.

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  • Gun Range Not Necessary for Niles
    11:12 AM

    I was raised in a very liberal home, and as I’ve gotten older, I have only gotten more liberal. My stance on guns has always been very consistent with the far left.
    After the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting, I became much more educated on guns. I looked at gun laws

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