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  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You Mr. Braheny
    9:01 AM

    Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of five stories in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.
    Taking my first steps into Niles West High school as a freshman, I couldn’t have been more terrified. After coming from such a small school being able to know everyone, the drastic change was overwhelming. Little would I know that I

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  • I’ll Blame It on Senioritis
    10:05 AM

    It’s 11:38 p.m. right now, and this story is supposed to run in less than 12 hours. But all I have is that sentence, and a pretty blank canvas. The story was assigned last Monday, yet here I am a week later deciding to begin. Now, I know you think you know what’s wrong with

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  • Why I’m Not Ashamed to Take Antidepressants
    11:37 AM

    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety the summer I went into junior year. The diagnosis had been a long time coming — I had known that something wasn’t quite right with me for the past two years, and I had been attending therapy the whole time.
    Sophomore year had been undeniably the worst year of

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  • West Reacts to #OurThreeBoys
    10:07 AM

    On Wednesday, Feb. 24, three African American men, Mohamedtaha Omar (23), Muhannad Tairab (17) who were Muslim, and Adam Mekki (20) who was Christian, were found dead inside a house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Although all three men were shot execution style, the Fort Wayne Police claim “(The) investigation of triple homicide is still very

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  • You’re Never Too Young to Fall in Love
    9:21 AM

    I’m 17, and I’m falling in love.
    I used to think that high school relationships were a joke. “How does someone ‘fall in love’ at such a young age?” Thinking about it made me laugh.
    “They don’t,” I wrote. “It’s all a joke. You can’t fall in love in high school; that’s just not realistic, xoxo 2:43

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  • How Journalism Changed Me — For the Better
    12:18 PM

    I spent four 80-degree summer days inside a freezing air conditioned classroom being challenged to become better. To become a better journalist. To dig deeper into a story told through video and find the emotion inside a person and not just the facts. To share stories and let them be shared.
    I knew I loved journalism

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  • On the Flip Side: Captain Ahab and the Great White Prom Dress
    9:35 AM

    I thought I was going to have to change my name to Captain Ahab. Deadly were the waters in which my journey began: a David’s Bridal that overflowed with panicked teenagers and their over-invested moms. To my right, someone reached for another’s prospective dress and a silent war was waged, only interrupted by the introduction of another sparkly

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