Meet Me in a Minute: Lucas Yun, Animation Wiz

Meet Me in a Minute: Lucas Yun, Animation Wiz

At the age of ten, sophomore Lucas Yun grasped the talent that he knew he was born to do. Animation. Today, he is one of the best animation artists in the school. As he sits on his computer, putting together pictures of various animations, while connecting everything into a wonderful array of pixels that depict a talent beyond measure.

Lucas’ animation skills erupted when he was ten years old, but when asked ‘how’ he simply could not answer.

“Answering ‘how’ isn’t really something that animators can answer easily. It’s hard to ask anybody who does something that question because we just.. do it,” said Lucas.

Lucas is skilled in various types of animation, such as 3D animation, traditional computer based, footnotes, and pivots. On his YouTube channel Yunguy1, Lucas posts various videos of his animations.  One particular animation, a Starbucks “commercial” gained many hits and the comments on the video amounted to people declaring that he needs to be hired by Starbucks.lucas yun

Lucas does not do anything for the school yet but he hopes to join the NWN as an editorial cartoonist. Lucas won an award for his animation making a tribute to a video game “Ghost Recon.” He won $500. As for his future, Lucas hopes to continue with this for the rest of his life. He adores art; it means more to him than anything else. His parents do support him, but they also feel that he is wasting his time. However, Lucas thinks that he will only find happiness in doing what he loves to do.

“If someone were to take my ability to make things away from me, then that would ruin my life.”

Lucas hopes to one day join a production company, such as Pixar, Dreamworks, or Disney. Until then, check out his YouTube channel.

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    Amazing animation work, my friend.

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    John B

    Lucas is in my english class. He did an animation for the class as a project and we were all laughing. This guy has talent. /) to you lucas!

  3. Danny

    i think what lucas is doing is inspiring. It makes me and I’m sure makes other people relize that your future career isnt all about the money. it is what your passionate for.

  4. avatar

    He has skill

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    Rebecca Yun

    I looked at your YouTube channel and I literally laughed so hard at the Finals short. Great job! (It’s also really cool that we have the same last name).


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