Skokie’s Hidden Gem: Larsa’s Mediterranean

Skokie’s Hidden Gem: Larsa’s Mediterranean

Larsa’s Mediterranean restaurant is one of the most underrated and delicious places I have ever been to. When most people think of Mediterranean food (myself included), they usually opt to go to Pita Inn, but after trying Larsa’s, my views have completely shifted.

The atmosphere was quaint, dim, and modern all at the same time, but not in a bad way. Even though it’s a nicer restaurant, don’t feel like you need to dress up, but if you’d prefer to, then go ahead. I got seated immediately after I arrived at the restaurant, and the service was impeccable. The waiting staff was kind and funny, making the experience of going there that much better. 


Lara’s savory Beef Shawarma plate.

I ordered a falafel appetizer and a beef shawarma plate. There was almost no wait, with the food getting on my table in a matter of minutes. The falafel was the perfect bite; the outside crust was breaded and chewy, while the inside was warm and soft.

Next came out my beef shawarma plate, which was honestly one of the best things I have ever tasted. It was filled with so many different flavors that exploded in my mouth. There was a variety of spices that all worked perfectly together.

On the side, I was given pita bread and rice. The two were not quite as delicious as the shawarma and falafel, but they gave my palette a break from the rest of the meal. The pita was a little bit more thin than I would have wanted, and the rice lacked flavor compared to the other foods. Regardless, the meal was satisfactory.

I’d definitely recommend Larsa’s to anyone who has a taste for Mediterranean food. It is similar to Pita Inn in many ways, but it has much more spice and flavor. The restaurant is located right on Dempster street, and is open from 11 AM – 9:45 PM.

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    Elisabeth T

    I agree! I’ve been going to Larsa’s for years and have never been disappointed. You didn’t try the pizza? It’s the best! It’s an awesome restaurant for all occasions.

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    Buk Lau

    Food looks good, but to say the place needs remodeling is a bit of an understatement.


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