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    You should do some reviews of restaurants in Chicago so students can go start seeing the city.

    Do an article about taking the CTA. I bet a lot of students have never done this. You can take the Yellow Line to Howard, take the 97 Bus to Howard, or you can take a Pace bus that runs through skokie to the Jefferson Park blue line station.

    You can easily take the L to go hang out in the neighborhoods around UIC, Depaul and Loyola. Lots of good stuff in those areas.

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    Kate Silber

    Starting today and for the rest of November, there is a solo gallery show in the Literacy Center for Senior AP 2-D Design student Francesca Guinta. Her work is really cool…NWN should check it out! There will be a new show every month.

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    1. How the budget cuts are affecting different programs and the students involved (particularly fine arts, field trips)
    2. Nicole Camburn going to state for cross country
    3. Current Events
    4. Politics (presidential candidates: include summary of what the candidate’s issues are and also students that support these various candidates. I think there can be a respectful discussion about this. We are mature enough to hold debates without attacking people personally)
    5. Constructive criticism for the school. I know you can’t negatively talk about the school, but I still think that there can be open discussion how certain issues are affecting students and what can be done to fix these issues.
    6. Profiles on teachers
    7. Let students write guest articles. I know that a lot of students would be interested in writing a blog but don’t have time to take the class.

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    JulieAnn Villa

    I would like to suggest that you do an article on sophomore, Christopher Witt. He is a bassoonist with the Chicago Youth Symphony orchestra. This is one of the top performing groups in the state for youth musicians and it’s a huge honor and commitment outside of school. Plus, bassoon is a rare (and awesome) instrument to play.

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    The PACE (Politics and Current Events) Club is underrated. One, it isn’t even listed on the Club & Activities website. Two, many students don’t even know it exists. It’d be great if the Niles West News made an article about this club. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of students interested in politics that would love to join!

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      Katrina Nickell

      Thank you for your suggestion. We will be publishing an article very soon regarding this club.

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    Igi Asalea

    I’d just like to suggest that you guys do Freshman Friday stories on the freshmen that AREN’T well-known. Doing them on the more popular kids defeats the purpose of getting to know them because they’re already known. Additionally, having those “populars” write for the paper — while understandable because it gets the word spread — will most likely end with them featuring their friends and not people who legitimately have something interesting to say. Thanks.

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      Duaa Israr

      Thank you for your feedback. It’s the beginning of the school year and we will definitely be covering more people.


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