• Don’t Miss Out On The Movie Everyone’s Talking About: Get Out
    10:30 AM

    Unsettling, challenging, suspenseful…there are roughly another thousand words that can be used to describe Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but among them all, one stands out: risky. Arguably one of the first honest movies to appear on the screen for quite some time, Get Out focuses on an interracial couple and the notion of being an outsider (in this case, being black)

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  • The Bye Bye Man: Horror or Comedy?
    10:34 AM

    “Don’t think it. Don’t say it”. Three college friends move into a new house together expecting happiness and many memories to come, but what they have waiting for them is much worse than they expected. “The Bye Bye Man” takes place in Wisconsin when three college students –Elliot (Douglas Smith), his girlfriend Sasha (Cressida Bonas),

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  • Devil’s Don’t (Watch This Movie)
    9:25 AM

    Let me start with the good. “Devil’s Due” had a cool concept for a horror film, and the actors themselves were fantastic. They seemed like real people. I liked the soundtrack too… and that’s where the good ends. There was no climax, no final battle of good versus evil, the plot was hollow, and the

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  • “Evil Dead”: Not Worth the Reboot
    8:08 AM

    After seeing “Cabin in the Woods” last year around this time, I left the theatre wholeheartedly believing that I would never watch a more ridiculous, cheesy, awful horror movie ever again in my life. But then I saw “Evil Dead.” These days, it’s hard to come across a genuinely good horror movie, so I was particularly excited

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  • Groovy: “Evil Dead” Burns, Buries, and Dismembers its Way to the Top
    8:05 AM

    “Evil Dead” is directed by first time director Fede Alvarez. The film is aptly referred to as a rebirth instead of a remake of the 1981 classic directed by Sam Raimi of the the original “Evil Dead” trilogy, starring the legend Bruce Campbell. (otherwise known as Ash Williams whose catchphrase in the series was “groovy.”)

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  • “Mama” Doesn’t Leave Audiences Crying for Theirs
    9:50 AM

    A monster in a closet is every young child’s nightmare. We all remember having our parents check our closet for monsters, when really it was a pile of laundry, or having them check under our bed for the boogeyman, when really it was a lonesome stuffed animal. “Mama,” written by Guillermo Del Toro, attempts to

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  • Horror Just One Click Away
    9:13 AM

    If you are a die-hard horror fan like me, you probably know the magazine “Fangoria.” At its start in 1979, it was a big deal for horror fans. Finally there was a magazine to read about upcoming horror films and read reviews about current ones. Horror was THE genre of the decade that was the

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