Trayvon Martin

  • Don’t Miss Out On The Movie Everyone’s Talking About: Get Out
    10:30 AM

    Unsettling, challenging, suspenseful…there are roughly another thousand words that can be used to describe Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but among them all, one stands out: risky. Arguably one of the first honest movies to appear on the screen for quite some time, Get Out focuses on an interracial couple and the notion of being an outsider (in this case, being black)

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  • Current Events: Black Student Union
    10:35 AM

    Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of nine stories surrounding current events of different cultures at Niles West as a part of International Week. The Black Student Union at Niles West embraces the cultures of both the Black community in the United States as well as the multi-national African community. Here are some of the

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  • “Blond” or “Boys Don’t Cry” — Does it matter?
    11:26 AM

    After a four-year wait, Blond is here, and has been all the buzz. After the release of Channel Orange, Frank Ocean teased his fans with hints of a new album coming their way. With only 17 songs and one single, Nikes, Ocean doesn’t play his music for the radio. With Ocean dodging the press, and also deleting his

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